Mental resilience: Online counselling reducing barriers to help

We live in an age where mental health is advocated for and yet still we see cases where people suffer tremendously from it. The fast-paced nature of our urban environment leaves little time for us to take a breather and take care of ourselves. When faced with responsibilities that never seem to have an end, what’s there to do? Luckily, the advancement of technology may hold a potential answer to this health crisis.


Accessibility to mental health services is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to seeing clients. A study looking into the reasons why young adolescents and adults don’t seek therapy for their mental health issues found that a lack of educational awareness regarding mental health procedures factored into how likely they were to seek help. Other findings included a conscious avoidance of mental health services due to the negative perception that clients may receive from their peers.

Online counselling and teletherapy may be a good alternative for those who don't have the time or resources to visit their therapist's clinic. It allows them to access mental health services through their laptop or mobile device, avoiding all the hassle of a face-to-face meeting. Through this innovation, one can hope that the accessible nature of online counselling can help others reach out during their times of need.

Mental resilience in these trying times

Now more than ever, the concept of mental resilience is being perpetuated in articles and writings on mental health. According to the American Psychological Association, APA, "resilience" is defined as a person's capability to weather out adversity and adapt to difficult experiences. This trait is learned rather than naturally gained as it involves input from both yourself and the people around you. Even your social environment plays a role in determining how resilient you can be to life's ups and downs.

One benefit of having a high level of resilience is that it’s been found to have a negative correlation with both anxiety and depression

Promoting resilience through online teletherapy

Online counselling or teletherapy is now being seen as a great way of fostering mental resilience in clients both young and old. Through the multitude of virtual platforms now available to therapists, they can hold sessions with their clients at any time and anywhere. Studies are currently being conducted regarding the effectiveness of e-therapy sessions but preliminary results seem to be pointing to positive findings.

Through a study that investigated the correlation between improvements in resilience and online clinical services, it was found that they had better results compared to those who only had access to self-therapy content. Furthermore, it showed that age was not a factor when it comes to improving resilience with online mental health services. Other studies that tackled similar scopes seem to coincide with the evidence, such as one that explored the effects of teletherapy on stress and resilience levels in company employees.

Exploring teletherapy options online

Considering the conclusions of recent studies regarding online counselling and its effectiveness, its safe to say that therapists can now use e-therapy as a substitute for face-to-face sessions. Whatever the reasons behind the switch may be, online counselling should be something you should look into if you find it difficult to make time for your therapy sessions. 

Having easy access to an understanding therapist can be a pivotal factor when it comes to personal growth. Although the idea of dealing with a problem by yourself may seem fulfilling and alluring, we must understand that no man is an island. We all need a guide in our lives to help us get through the confusion and uncertainty in today’s age. Solutions like online counselling serve to open up the possibility of mental health on the go for those who need it the most.

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London, E11
Written by Daniel Matthew, Integrative Online Counsellor Reg. MBACP(Accred), Dip.Couns.
London, E11

An integrative counsellor and founder of Talk With Me Counselling. A private practice providing online counselling. Working with a vast diverse range of clients from all cultures, backgrounds and presenting issues. Including anxiety, low mood, self esteem, identity, negative thought patterns & triggers to name a few.

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