Letting go for Autumn

And so it begins, Autumn, the season of letting go. As the Autumnal months draw close we become very aware of the change in nature, the nip in the air and the season of change. The upcoming months by nature are months of renewal and release, we watch as the leaves change colour and gently fall from the trees. Life slows down. As nature prepares to let go, to release in order to make room for new beginnings, how would it feel for you to do the same?  


There is so much in life that we absorb, internalise, and sometimes hold onto that no longer serves us or even belongs to us. Carrying the energy and opinions of others can be heavy. Some of these thought patterns or belief systems have never really been ours to carry, but somewhere along the line we have adapted a life around them.

This could be the script that someone has given to us, or a judgement put onto us from another. It may be an opinion conditioned into us by a parent or a limiting belief passed on by a statement a teacher once used to describe us. At times they can be people, situations or patterns that no longer bring us joy or serve our highest self. Perhaps, I am sure they once served us well, however,  life is fluid, it is ever changing but unlike nature do we truly embrace the change? Do we ebb and flow through the seasons of life? Or do we hold on to what we know in fear of the unknown? 

I feel not many of us do let go, remaining in our comfort zone - better the devil you know right? As humans we resist change, familiarity is comfortable; even when it is uncomfortable, however, change is one of the only inevitables of life, (we really are complex creatures!).

How to ebb and flow through the seasons of life

For me, Autumn is the perfect time for release and renewal, a time to shed and make room for new beginnings. At the turn of the season I recommend taking some time to really assess how life is for you, right now, in today's present world.

You could do this with the help of a therapist, coach or a trusted loved one,  alternatively it can be helpful to reflect using a journal to explore your thoughts and feelings, identifying the areas of your life that are most important to you or take up most of your energy. Whilst you are reflecting, consider some new intentions, some new energy you would like to bring into your life. Is there anything you feel life is lacking right now? What is draining you? These simple questions can lead to a deep sense of awareness.  

Once identified, set some soft goals that may help you on your way. 

Be brave.  Be honest. Be bold. Reflect. Release. Let go.

Do not fear the naked truth as your leaves slip away, for there is growth underneath.

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Written by Ashleigh Duncan, Counsellor MBACP
Newtownabbey BT36 & BT37

Ashleigh Duncan Counsellor MBACP
Owner and founder of AD Counselling and Wellness, Newtownabbey and Elements Wellness Studio. Published writer.

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