Four reasons to go to therapy that boost your personal growth

Most people think of therapy as a way to heal mental distress. But is it only that? Can therapy be useful to improve life quality even when one feels okay?


Athletes seek the support of a physio not only to repair strained muscles or joints. A physio will also help them understand how their body functions. Athletes will learn about the most suitable routines to improve their athletic performance and avoid injury. Now, let's replace "body" with "mind", "athletic performance" with "psychological well-being", and "injury" with "mental distress".

A counsellor can help you gain a better understanding of yourself, leading to an improved quality of life. These are four areas in which you can feel the impact of your self-development.

1. Improve the quality of your relationships.

Our relationships, personal or professional, are shaped by the way we communicate. When we listen to someone, we interpret the information through the lens of our personal experiences. Equally, when we talk to someone, our words carry a lot of our own view of the world. We do this unconsciously; most of us are unaware of the biases we have accumulated over the years. These can hinder mutual understanding between two individuals.

Can you think of a conversation in which you have left feeling there was some miscommunication? Or maybe you had the feeling that, despite your best efforts, it did not go as you expected. Exploring these situations in therapy can lead to identifying biases that colour your conversations. You can become a better listener and a more effective talker.

2. Inform your work choices

Whether you are looking to start your working life or to change careers, a good starting point is to know yourself. This goes beyond your skills and knowledge. Do you feel more comfortable in a team or working individually? What role within a team do you feel more comfortable with? Are you keen on the spotlight, or do you prefer to let others do the talking? How do you go about decision-making?

With the support of a therapist, you can gain a good understanding of what working environment would suit you more. And, if you realise there is something about you that you find unhelpful and want to change, therapy is the perfect place to do it!

3. Maintain a balanced psychological well-being

We think of ourselves as one individual. In reality, there are many versions of each of us, as many as areas of our lives. You can be a father or mother, a friend, a professional, a lover, a marathon runner, an amateur actor... all in one person. Each aspect of our life carries its own relationships and events that can present challenges. Very rarely are all areas of our life optimal at the same time. Many people only seek therapy when their overall state of well-being is in distress. However, few people will consider it if most areas of their lives seem okay, even though one is not.

Have you ever felt that something is bothering you, but you feel the impact on your life is not big enough to justify seeking support? Addressing and understanding the difficulties in a particular aspect of your life helps maintain a balance in your psychological well-being. This can avoid a potential overall state of distress in the longer term. Just like addressing a small physical injury can prevent more serious harm over time.

4. Understand and learn about yourself

Knowing yourself better will impact every aspect of your life. Have you got any unhelpful habits that you'd like to stop? Maybe you have become aware of a certain pattern in your behaviour that you'd like to understand.

Exploring your core beliefs in therapy can help you understand your feelings, thoughts, and behaviours, and identify your needs. It can also highlight adopted values that you feel are now unhelpful, and help you let go of them. The ramifications of a deeper understanding, acceptance, and transformation extend into every aspect of your life. What a great use of therapy, to be able to live your best life!

If these reasons are appealing to you and you'd like to give therapy a try, I'd love to hear from you. As a relational therapist, I can support you through your explorations. Email me to learn more.

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Winchester, Hampshire, SO22
Written by Rocio Enriquez, Humanistic Counsellor, MBACP
Winchester, Hampshire, SO22

Written by Rocio Enriquez, MBACP.

I am a Humanistic counsellor based in Winchester, working in-room and online. I work with clients with difficult relationship dynamics. I have extensive experience with young adults and parents/carers.

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