Feeling something isn't quite right?

Feeling alone and knowing that something does not feel right and whatever you do the feeling just won't go away can be a sign that you no longer want to feel that way. 

Talking to a therapist can alleviate that burden. By sharing in therapy your thoughts and feelings it can help you understand your emotions and feelings in a way that is supportive, non judgemental and confidential.

You may have tried to resolve these feelings and thoughts on your own or talked to some degree with friends or not talked about issues for years, if at all.

This is where therapy can help, if you have never had therapy it can be a frightening thought to wonder if you will be judged for having feelings and thoughts that keep returning.

A good therapist will only go where you want to go, and as we work together we can gently unfold your story at your pace.

Time is the most valuable possession we have and whether you just need to see if therapy is right for you or you would like to enter into therapy and continue now or in the future. 

Therapy is always there for you to give you the time you may need to help with the pain you may be feeling.

Jane Jackson 

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