Exploring who you are in therapy

Personal therapy can be a fantastic opportunity to explore why we are who we are, or more to the point who we have become (perhaps for the benefit of others and to the detriment of our more authentic self).
As summer is rapidly approaching you may have a slight sense of excitement within or around you; possibly a sense of excitement that something is about to emerge.

How aware are you of the possibilities that lie discreetly dormant in every single moment you have, why is it so much easier to keep making the same choices, the same movements through life?

When our journey becomes more about our unique experience and learning, and less about acquisition, goals and fear based unconscious scripted decisions. Or other peoples definitions of success and achievement.

When we align ourselves with our own internal locus of evaluation, and are less externally focused on getting our needs met outside of ourselves, through material objects and other peoples approval. There may be the potential for a higher quality of self and conscious awareness available in any given moment.

With the knowledge and guidance that we can get what we need for ourselves when we let go of getting what we might believe we desire from a place of neediness or desperation.

How often do you have a thought followed by action that comes from as close to your authentic true self as possible?

By that I mean as uncontaminated by external influences and critical biased judgement as possible.
How many of your beliefs and opinions are really just what have been passed onto you through the media, your culture and your family history?

Do they stand up to close scrutiny? The truth is far more resilient to challenge than mere belief.
How many of us can say we really know who we are behind the masks we have learned to put on every day in order to get by and feel protected?

The masks that say, don’t think for yourself, don’t say that, take the easy option, let others tell you what to think, what to do and what to express.

What are you forcefully suppressing or unconsciously repressing from yourself right now, what parts of yourself are unacceptable to you and to others, who is this self making these so called choices, where did it come from, what is it made of what does it contain within it?

What thoughts and feelings are you blocking or denying in some way?

Through therapy, you can start to explore these questions.

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Brighton BN1 & Littlehampton BN17
Written by Paul Weeden, mBACP Therapist, Coach & Supervisor
Brighton BN1 & Littlehampton BN17

I run a private practice in London Waterloo and Hove East Sussex. I have a passion for music and creative expression, as well as self exploration, personal development and philosophy.

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