Embracing the present moment in your counselling journey

We come here to the Counselling Directory looking for help and holding the belief that therapy will help us. And while various frameworks offer different explanations of how therapy works, what actually happens during those 50 minutes in the therapy room? 


Let's explore how the 'Here and Now' encounter can positively impact your counselling experience, making it more accessible and engaging. Together, we'll delve into how this approach can enhance your well-being and growth. It is also an invitation for you to take the next step towards self-discovery.

The relational integrative model

Our counselling journey is an ever-evolving one, and the 'Here and Now' encounter is a pivotal element in this transformative process. This approach, rooted in adaptability and flexibility, allows your therapist to tailor their methods to your unique needs and concerns. Think of it as a customised journey, where we use various tools from different therapeutic approaches to best assist you.

The core of this model revolves around the therapeutic relationship – the connection between you and your therapist. It's not just about how you relate to the world, but equally about how you and your therapist relate to each other during your sessions. This interaction can have a profound impact on your healing and growth.

The power of 'Here and Now'

The 'Here and Now' encounter is all about the present moment, the heart of our counselling journey. This approach has the potential to bring about transformative changes in your life. As the renowned therapist Yalom noted, it is "the major source of therapeutic power" and your best friend in this journey.

In our sessions, we explore the therapist-client relationship and what unfolds between us during our exchange. The focus is on the dynamics between us, as it's within this space that you can truly experience what is happening right here, right now.

Existential therapy: Embracing life's complexities

Existential therapy, a key component of our journey, tackles fundamental concerns of existence: death, freedom, isolation, and meaninglessness. While these might seem heavy, they are the building blocks of a more authentic life.

In our culture, the pursuit of happiness often overshadows the importance of embracing the complexities of life. By reconnecting with the challenging aspects of our lives, we can liberate ourselves. Facing and exploring these inconvenient truths can be incredibly freeing.

The power of the present

Living in the present moment brings intensity and energy to our work together. As Yalom beautifully described, it energises our therapeutic journey. While the past can offer insight, we cannot change it. Similarly, the future is only as relevant as we frame it in the present. Therefore, our focus remains firmly on the 'Here and Now'.

Your invitation to explore

As you read this article and reflect on the power of the 'Here and Now' encounter, you might be wondering how this approach could benefit you. If you're seeking a more authentic and holistic approach to your well-being, you're in the right place.

I invite you to take the next step on your counselling journey. If the idea of exploring your 'Here and Now' resonates with you, reach out to start your own transformative experience. Your well-being and personal growth are worth investing in, and I'm here to guide you through it.

The 'Here and Now' encounter is a powerful approach that can bring depth and authenticity to your counselling journey. It's all about connecting with the present, understanding your existential concerns, and embracing life's complexities.

Your journey is unique, and this approach ensures that our sessions are tailored to your specific needs and concerns. By working together, we can explore the depths of your experiences, helping you live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Your 'Here and Now' experience awaits.

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Taunton, Somerset, TA1
Written by Aga Kaperek
Taunton, Somerset, TA1

Hello and welcome. I'm Aga Kaperek, a BACP registered integrative therapist offering counselling to adults and young people in person (in Taunton), online and over the phone. Taking that first step can be tough if you're feeling uncertain about counselling, but I'm here to support you. If you're won...

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