Discover happiness: Counselling for self-exploration

Navigating the expectations we set for ourselves is crucial for finding fulfilment and growth. Picture this: You've just finished your qualifications and plunged into the working world. Things seem to be falling into place, and you're fairly content with where you are. But then, out of the blue, comes that nagging question: "What's next?"


It's like you're on a journey and suddenly hit a fork in the road. Who am I? Where am I going? What's my purpose, and how do I find genuine happiness and fulfilment? These thoughts start swirling around in your head.

Expectations for happiness

That feeling of something missing? We've all been there. And often, we try to fill that void with external stuff—seeking validation from relationships or buying things we think will make us feel better, even if it's just temporary.

So, how do we manage these expectations for happiness? What does being happy even mean, and how do we find our purpose? It's a big question, and everyone has their own take on it.

For me, happiness is about feeling connected to everything around me and having a solid grasp of who I am. It's about being in control of my actions and knowing that even when life throws curveballs, I've got the resilience to roll with them.

But here's the thing: Taking care of ourselves is crucial. It's about investing time and energy into self-care—ensuring we're mentally, physically, and emotionally nourished. When we prioritise our well-being, we're better equipped to tackle life's challenges and pursue our dreams with vigour.

So, let's embrace the journey of self-discovery, shall we? By getting to know ourselves better, tending to our needs, and seeking fulfilment from within, we can find our way to a purposeful and joyful life.

How can counselling help?

Now, how can counselling aid in gaining self-awareness and self-discovery?

Counselling offers a safe and supportive space to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Through open dialogue with a trained therapist, you can delve into aspects of your identity, values, and beliefs that may have been overlooked.

A counsellor can help you identify patterns in your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours that may hinder your progress or cause distress. By recognizing these patterns, you can gain clarity on underlying issues and develop strategies for change.

Many struggle with setting boundaries in relationships and personal lives. Counselling can offer guidance on establishing healthy boundaries that prioritise your needs and well-being. Learning to say "no" when necessary and advocating for yourself can lead to greater self-respect and fulfilment.

Life throws challenges our way, and counselling can equip you with coping strategies to navigate them effectively. Whether it's managing stress, dealing with difficult emotions, or overcoming obstacles, a therapist can teach you practical skills to handle life's ups and downs.

Self-discovery often involves confronting aspects of ourselves that we may not like. Counselling fosters self-compassion by helping you cultivate kindness and understanding toward yourself, even in the face of perceived flaws or mistakes. Learning to treat yourself with compassion can boost self-esteem and resilience.

The journey of self-discovery is not about reaching some final destination, but about growing and learning as we go. So, let's be kind to ourselves, take care of what matters, and find happiness from inside. By staying true to who we are, setting healthy limits, and following our passions, we can live a life full of meaning and joy. Here's to exploring ourselves with courage and curiosity, because the best discoveries are often the ones we make about ourselves.

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Rochford SS4 & Southend-On-Sea SS2
Written by Gosia Grabowska, MNCPS (Acc.) Parenting, Family Issues, LGBTQ+, Couples
Rochford SS4 & Southend-On-Sea SS2

Gosia is a bilingual therapist originally from Poland. She loves to travel by train and is curious about people's stories and experiences. She is passionate about navigating relationships, supporting parents, and addressing LGBTQ+ and cultural diversity issues. Her sessions are available both online and in person.

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