How many counsellors does it take to change a light bulb?

....It doesn't matter, the bulb has got to want to change!

We all need something that motivates us, whatever the purpose may be, we couldn't do it without a motive. It can be very powerful when channeled in the right direction. Some may use a picture of that six pack, to motivate them to go to the gym. Maybe that visualisation of owning a private yacht to keep working that bit harder at your career (maybe one day!).

Our motivation can come externally at times. People can sometimes provide the motivation for us to do certain things, or complete certain tasks, because we are motivated by their happiness. One may be motivated to complete a certain task for their friend because he knows it will bring a smile to their face. It makes us happy; it's natural human behaviour.

When we consider motivation and counselling; there exists an interesting element to the process. When an individual comes to counselling it's essential that they're motivated to change; and this must be an internal desire. In most cases, change is an integral part of the counselling process.

To be motivated to change is just the start to helping you feel better. It could be to change a feeling that you've been having, or a behaviour that you're not keen on, or perhaps to explore what kind of change is right for you... whatever it may be, you have the power to make it happen.

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Written by Rav Sekhon

Warrington WA1 & Manchester M2

I'm here to help you work through the emotion your feeling, and to support you with feeling better, as the counselling process takes place. I've over 13 years experience in counselling and psychotherapy and have helped hundreds of people find happiness in their lives. I enjoy working with people and...

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