CBT simple as ABC?

One of the main approaches used by counsellors is cognitive behavoural therapy (CBT). If it sounds complicated, no need to worry, it is not. The general idea is that distorted or overly negative thoughts are behind our emotional upsets. Here is an example, you greet your friend who does not reply and you think you have been ignored, so you become upset. If you think differently, for example, he or she did not hear me or was distracted at the time, then there is no need to be upset. If you now think you were not ignored, you will feel different.

It is very straight forward swap - negative thoughts for more realistic thoughts. You will feel better, it is as simple as ABC. However, what happens when you have tried to think differently, but you do not believe your alternative thoughts? You may say something like "I know when I am not thinking right so I try alternative thoughts but still feel the same.It can take work and commitment to change life long patterns of thinking.

Counselling can provide the right environment to explore and to find a way forward. Finding what works best for each individual is a creative process, this is where a good counsellor comes in useful. We are all different, what works for one person may not work for another. Your counsellor should be able to capitalise on your uniqueness and so help to find your own particulor method to gain more belief in new and healthier thoughts.

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