A combined approach to therapy

In my practice I have found that a combination of therapies is a successful model for a variety of anxiety-based conditions. I use hypnotherapy and counselling in tandem with one another to ensure that the client has the best possible results from their treatment.

Counselling is a great tool for exploring the now and looking to the future. Seen as a traditional form of talking therapy counselling is a great tool for understanding the 'why' behind certain unwanted behaviours. The opportunity offered by counselling is unique, which is to stay in a safe space to explore with a neutral party why you feel the way you do. Talking in a  therapeutic manner might help you unlock the reasons to your behaviour and present conscious solutions to your problems by using therapies such as CBT. 

Hypnotherapy is great for reducing anxiety levels and has the potential to unlock the mind by finding answers to questions by using past experiences, and the hidden potential of the mind, to make us aware of the possibilities that hide within. Hypnotherapy unlocks potential options that we may not consider other options by presenting them through the mediums of relaxation and imagination. Once these options have been presented they can be used to challenge unwanted behaviours.

Combining therapies has many advantages as it allows you to utilise the full capacity of your mind to explore emotions and develop solutions that you may not have considered before. Uncovering the 'why' is one of the best ways to fix the past and present together for a better future.

I find it essential to consider the past in approaching a treatment, as it is important to consider where we have come from before we decide where we are going. When clients engage in my services they are usually on the precipice of change, a period of life where they have come across an obstacle that they cannot pass mentally or have decided that they wish to remove from their day to day life. Understanding the why and the past is the first major step to help move on, for example, if a person has had a traumatic event in their past it might explain why they have unwanted behaviour in the present. Comprehending that behaviour is key to changing it, so as you can see the past is monumental in shaping the future.

I also think it important in my therapy to offer a range of treatments from counselling and CBT through to hypnotherapy and Jungian techniques. I am aware that not every treatment is to everybody's taste, so what I aim to do is consult with you to find the best treatment options to overcome your issues. I do this by giving you the essential  tools to assist in finding your own personal 'why' and help you overcome those obstacles holding you back; thus allowing you to begin again.   

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Normanton, West Yorkshire, WF6 2DB

Written by Brian Turner

Normanton, West Yorkshire, WF6 2DB

I am Brian Turner and I am therapist that uses a combined approach to assist with long standing conditions such as anxiety. I use a variety of techniques to achieve successful results for all of my clients setting them free from unwanted behaviours and thoughts. If you are interested in a free consultation please contact me today.

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