3 inspirational books to read this summer

Is one of the things you most look forward to about your summer holiday the ability to read a book from beginning to end without interruption? There is nothing better than having the time and space to lose yourself in a book. There are so many good books out there. My Amazon wishlist runs into the hundreds! So, how do you go about deciding which books to take with you?

Let me help ease your holiday planning just a little and recommend three inspirational books that made an impression on me and will leave you with a lovely warm glow inside to match your tan!

Rachel Hollis - 'Girl Stop Apologising'

This will give you the biggest proverbial kick up the backside that you’ve ever had (in a good way). I see many women that put everyone else’s needs before their own. They try and do the right thing all the time, worrying about how they might be perceived otherwise. Rachel Hollis gives you the permission to stop living your life for other people and start living your life unapologetically for yourself. She challenges women to stop talking themselves out of their dreams. The book tackles a whole host of excuses that we use to not do things for ourselves, and equips you with the skills you need to live the life you want. Rachel Hollis has a really friendly, funny, chatty style. It’s almost like talking to a best friend about your life; the book will make you cry with laughter.

Hal Elfrod - 'The Miracle Morning'

Following a period of grief after a family bereavement, I tried everything to get my mojo back. This book literally revolutionised the way I go through each day. I always knew that meditating and exercising were good things to do, but always had the excuse of never having enough time. The Miracle Morning is about getting up an hour earlier than you normally would (it is not as painful as it sounds!) and spending 10 minutes doing six life “SAVERS” (Silence, Affirmation, Visualisation, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing). You might think doing 10 minutes of something is hardly worth it, I have found the Miracle Morning to give me a crystal clear focus every day. I get a deep sense of satisfaction knowing I have done something for myself before the rest of the world has even barely woken up. Yes, it might only be ten minutes of exercise or meditation, but it is ten minutes more than I normally would have done. The Miracle Morning, without doubt, is now my favourite part of the day.

Jonathan Hoban - 'Walk With Your Wolf'

We all know that walking can be beneficial for improving mental health. It is one of the simplest forms of exercise as it does not involve any fancy equipment, clothing, or paying a membership fee. People that walk for pleasure can be stereotyped. I remember when a boyfriend told me that he was a member of the Ramblers Association I was guilty of labeling him a bit of a nerd. I teased him about having special walking boots and a walking pole. However, walking is a sure-fire way to restore balance in both body and mind. In attempts to balance out the hectic, crazy lives we live, people are beginning to realise the power the environment has in calming the mind. Psychotherapist, Hoban, decided to take sessions outside of the counselling room and into parks around London. The results were quite astounding. Walking provided space for people to process feelings, tune into their intuition, and as a result find answers to problems. Hoban shares his own personal story through addiction and breakdown, as well as stories from his clients. As a fan of mindful walking, I know that trees omit something called "phytoncides" - an antibacterial substance that protects trees from disease. Phytoncides have a calming effect on us, and strengthen our own immune systems. Just getting outside for a walk each day, we can make a huge difference in how we feel. What are you waiting for? Grab your trainers and a coat, get outside, and see for yourself!

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