I'd recommend private counselling to anyone

I suffered from emotional, physical and psychological abuse as a child, and was experiencing flashbacks. These were causing constant anxiety and panic attacks. Affecting my daily life, I decided I needed help. I had tried NHS counselling before, which uses an approach of talking through the experiences, but this didn't work for me as the trauma was buried so deeply.

As my condition worsened, I decided to seek private counselling, as the NHS waiting lists were so long. I am so glad I did. We started working through my flashbacks, taking one at a time, using EFT. More than a year on, these flashbacks have completely stopped. I was taught breathing techniques to help me control my panic attacks, while we approached the traumas from my childhood one by one, at my own pace. I would definitely recommend private counselling. My counsellor, Marie, was amazing and well worth the money. I was welcomed at the door with a smile, I was offered a cup of tea and seated in a comfortable chair. I felt relaxed and safe and cared for.

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