Psychotherapeutic Supervision, Clinical & other people facing roles £40-45/hour

Hello to all readers.  People inevitably ask, 'what is Psychotherapeutic Supervision'?  It is largely about using unconscious processes to make meaning of your relationship experiences as a Practitoner, when working with clients & me as your Supervisor. 

It is not 'Counselling' for Supervisees', but it is about me being transparent as a Supervisor, open to sharing my sensitivities & Supervisees being encouraged to share their sensitivities.  This throws light on the effect we may have on each other and the role each may play in the relationship with Clients & their sensitivities.  In a nutshell it offers greater understanding of the relationship dynamics.

With a student/newly qualified Practitioner, a lot of guidance & support is needed. Please remember you are not expected to have all the answers - even as a Senior Practitioner I can't & don't have all the answers. Also be reassured that in our work - I am not trying to 'catch you out'.  You will make mistakes, as I have made mistakes.  It is in the making of a secure, open reflective Supervisor- Supervisee relationship, that we can relax, be ourselves & use everything as a learning opportunity.

As you progress as a Practitoner, you will become more skilled & confident, bringing more autonomy into your professional relationships.

The relationship changes from a dependant one, to a more collegiate, consultancy, independent one. Whatever your stage of development, we will work on e.g. containment, boundaries, ethical & Professional Practice.

Our work as Practitioner's can be isolating & lonely & there are few opportunities to talk about our work, or even at times, just to vent frustrations. Individual & group Supervision are two of the confidential situations where it is safe to do so.

I like to hold in mind, 'how can I help this Supervisee to be a better Counsellor/Therapist'?

I can work with most Theoretical orientations & my speciality is Sexual & Relationship Therapy including Sex and love addictions & I regularly work with Compassion to help people overcome toxic self-criticism & shame.

I can also work with other Clinical groups e.g. Nurses & other people facing roles

If you would like to find out more, please email me at & I shall respond ASAP

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Psychotherapeutic Supervision, Clinical & other people facing roles £40-45/hour Hello to all readers.