Supervision For Those In The Helping  Professions.

Hello, and a very warm welcome

I welcome supervisees from diverse professional and personal backgrounds and I am able to work with a range of modalities. I am very passionate about supervision and try to explain to those that have a reaction to the somewhat clinical sounding word (supervision) that it is a space to allow us to see, to give us an actual super-vision of our work with others. Giving sight and a different view to where we may have blind spots.

I am a Reg.MBACP (Accred) counsellor/psychotherapist & clinical supervisor. My core training was in Humanistic Gestalt Counselling at the highly respected Gestalt Centre in London.

Finding The Right Supervisor.

I love working with new and established therapists /counsellors alike, and those involved in the helping and healing professions. I ask that you are committed and seeking inspiration to the learning process. I believe it’s fundamental to have a supervisor that you can connect with, feel safe and are able to be fully supported and challenged.

In my early days of training I experienced both ends of the continuum of negative and positive supervision The more my confidence and back bone grew as a therapist, the more I could sense who was going to support my learning and needs with the right amount of support, inspiration and challenge.  I was very lucky to find such a supervisor who brought my learning on in abundance and as a result my clients got the best care.

The Working Alliance.

I am fascinated by how the supervisory relationship holds authority with love - intimacy and authenticity together. The supervisory relationship with too much challenge can be shameful and too much support, without honest challenge can be colluding. The right balance between both, is the making of the work - the working alliance.

Taking Your Chair.

Taking your chair in an embodied way as a therapist can be difficult especially in the early days of training and even in the latter days, when perhaps you may have lost some passion. Reflective, honest and embodied supervision is in my view an art form and it is essential if we wish to work with the highest regard for our clients.

If any of my musings strikes a cord with you, then please get in touch to explore the possibility of working together. We can discuss what it is you are looking for and get a sense if we could be a good match. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Supervision For Those In The Helping  Professions.