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I offer Telephone, On-Line and Face-to-Face (post lockdown) Supervision 

Supervision is essential to maintain effective, sustainable practice.  It is a safe, rich source of support, learning, reflection, time to mull over, review, compassionately evaluate, question, explore new pathways, gain a different perspective, a space for you to breath, take stock, hear Self, understand, grow and develop. 

Time and space dedicated to you and your client work and a place to celebrate your achievements and gain affirmation for your work.

An experienced and compassionate Supervisor supporting students, volunteers and professionals in supervision since 2005.  My training is within the Process Model of supervision postulated by Hawkins & Shohet (7 eyed model) a creative integrated practitioner, supervisee- centered.

Working within BACP Ethical Framework for Counselling Professions of which I am  a Registered member or we can also work within the designated code of ethics the supervisee is a member of if not a member of BACP.

I offer one-to-one confidential contracted consultations for counselling practitioners engaged in supporting clients within a safe dedicated space for you to reflect upon, share and explore all dimensions of your work.

I offer supervision for professions who offer therapeutically-based services.  Anyone who feels they need a space to off-load or de-brief emotional intensity or explore and work through their role stressors. for example carers, childminders,  clinical managers, team leaders, nurses or anyone supporting others in emotionally challenging roles. Session can be either individual or group support.

My strengths sit in my compassionate intradependent way of Being, genuine openness, receptivity to change and curiosity offer flexibility to work with and stay with the unknown. My creativity facilitates strategies, new perspectives and renewed energies, enhancing well-being and capabilities. 

I own a competent knowledge of theories ranging from Humanistic, psychodynamic, Jungian, Cognitive and Behavioral, Existential, Logotherapy and Person-Centred demonstrated in an integrative style of support and how interpersonal dynamics are played out in relationships; theory is one of the cornerstones and underpins all our counselling work along with ethics bring responsibility, accountability, structure, and motivation. Passion and caring about the work we offer to others seeking alleviation of suffering.

I am interested in listening and hearing who you are as a counselling practitioner within a relationship where you will be received with equality and respect, valued as a person of worth.  

Working creatively the time and space focuses on supporting you as a practitioner; tailored to meet each practitioners skills and experience level, whilst gently stretching and challenging you to develop skills, awareness and knowledge whereby developing your counselling role.  Working within professional standards.

Care of you as a professional  is very important so some of our time will focus on self-awareness as a practitioner, how you manage any stressors, I am interested in increasing your personal resilience and consistently maintaining it.   Whereby increasing your overall effectiveness within your client work; in partnership we are diligent to burnout ensuring it is not an option or a view point on your horizon! .Vicarious Trauma - professionals working in supportive roles listening to people’s stress on a daily basis can experience vicarious traumatization themselves or get burnt out.  Engaging with an experienced supervisor will make all the difference to lessen the impact and avoid burn out - prevention rather than cure!


Supervision session 90 minutes

Professionals                      £50
Students/Volunteers           £35    

Please visit my website to gain a fuller insight to my expanse of awareness and knowledge.


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South Yorkshire

Types of client

Older adults
Employee Assistance Programme

Key details

Entrance has one step so not suitable for wheelchair users or person's not able to stand or step up or down one step. Toilet facility available on ground floor suitable for mobility impaired users.


Online supervision
Telephone supervision

I offer Telephone, On-Line and Face-to-Face (post lockdown) Supervision  Supervision is essential to maintain effective, sustainable practice.


SUSAN STUBBINGS Counsellor & Counselling Supervisor, Adv. Dip. Reg MBACP

SUSAN STUBBINGS Counsellor & Counselling Supervisor, Adv. Dip. Reg MBACP