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** In light of the current coronavirus situation I will be working online using Zoom** I am trained and qualified to work online and meet all BACP competencies. Member of ACTO (Association for Counselling and Therapy Online)

I have a diploma in supervision and an advanced diploma in clinical supervision including working online and with groups. My work as a supervisor includes counsellors, nurses, palliative care teams and teaching staff. 
Supervision as an essential part of being a counsellor in todays highly stressful and busy world. We therapists need to care for ourselves in many ways and supervision is not only an ethical obligation but one of self-care too.....

"you can't walk in other people's water without getting wet" is very true. 

Some commonly asked questions

  • How am I expected to use supervision?

There are many models of supervision, some focus mainly on the client so you would discuss your assessment and treatment plans etc. Or the focus may be on you the supervisee and your relationship with your clients as well as your relationship with your supervisor including transference and counter-transference, parallel process and projection. Both content and process can be understood and explored.

It is also often a space to explore gaps in learning, sharing of ideas and resources, CPD, difficulties with your work setting, boundaries and ethical dilemmas.

I feel the best supervision relationship arises from both supervisee and supervisor formulating their own way of working that meets the needs of the supervisee and BACP guidelines. We can be as creative as we like as long as you feel supported and safe.

  • How much supervision should I have?

This depends on the professional organisation you belong to, the agency you work for and the level of training you have (trainees require more supervision). BACP states one and a half hours per month is the minimum requirement but this needs to be increased if the client load is high or the material you work with is particularly demanding. We would monitor between us and there may be times when you need more support.

It's my responsibility as a supervisor to provide a space of reflection, trust, safety and support which enables you to explore your own practice in a genuine and authentic way. I also keep up to date with BACP changes and developments and work hard at maintaining my own CPD and learning.

I hold a recognised post grad diploma (NHS and BACP accredited) in Clinical Supervision which allows me to support student counsellors, qualified counsellors, teachers, head teachers, nurses, consultants and most recently staff in a boarding school.

 I can travel to a place of work for group supervision, however I have two clinics available also for groups or one-to-one sessions.

I have also completed Barnardos adoption training for therapists to enable them to work with all adoption issues (past and present). 

Supervisees need to feel supported in supervision as well as challenged and able to discuss all aspects of their work...including the not so great bits! An open and honest relationship between us will help this develop.

There are times you may need to talk about your work/life balance or how your practice is doing in the tough arena of private work, or you may be struggling with the organisation you work for.....all areas that supervision can help with. 

I feel the supervisor/supervisee relationship is key to promote the growth of supervisee competence.

I believe in the core conditions of warmth, acceptance, respect, genuineness and empathic understanding should be in place. The relationship between supervisee and supervisor often mirrors the supervisee/client dynamics which can be explored in supervision.

It will be exciting, challenging, creative, educative, containing, enabling and safe.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss your supervision needs and see if we are a good match to work together.

Fees: £50 per hour of supervision (individual)

Group fees are discussed on a case be case basis

Student discount available (it's hard enough paying for studying!)

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Types of client

Older adults
Employee Assistance Programme


Online supervision
Telephone supervision

** In light of the current coronavirus situation I will be working online using Zoom** I am trained and qualified to work online and meet all BACP competencies.


Lorraine Langridge MBACP, MNCS (Accred), Supervisor, Prof M.ACTO,Prof M.NFS

Lorraine Langridge MBACP, MNCS (Accred), Supervisor, Prof M.ACTO,Prof M.NFS