Maria Kefalogianni

Humanistic therapist & supervisor; trainer &researcher
Manchester, Lancashire, M22
07523 217 600 07523 217 600

Currently open to suggestions for group supervision. You can register your interest by emailing me.

Hello and welcome to my supervisor's profile. I provide integrative supervision with the transpersonal permeating all of the work I do. 

I fully appreciate that looking for a supervisor is the most essential choice a practitioner needs to make. It is always an invitation  to look deeper into your professional and developmental needs each time. Our professional needs change throughout our career and that is a normal part our ongoing development. As this is a two way assessment on the relational fit, I offer an initial 30 hour for free to establish if and how we can work together.  I always advise people to bring a client case they would wish to have some support with at our initial session.

I am a humanistc/integrative therapist and counselling trainer in Counselling & Supervision courses at Salford University.  My core training is in the Person Centred Approach.  My supervision training in the integrative model of Hawkins & Shohet. I have had additional training in group analysis, focusing oriented therapy and compassion focused therapy . The humanistic, and transpersonal are always present in how I relate and what I offer. I find my work is often influenced by a process oriented relational framework more so than a solution focused framework on ways to explore client issues ( eye 2). Having said that this is also in the conversation when it is needed and I am open in offering suggestions. I naturally tend to the deeper processes at play. It is where the magic exists!

Experience & philosophy: 

My integrative approach to supervision is informed by the in -depth training I have received , my continuous explorations and training and professional investment and my ongoing interest in creative, embodied ways of knowing and understanding.

Supervision is my big passion. I am an experienced supervisor. I have been supervising since 2013. I have worked with therapists and practitioners in allied professions who have worked in various organisations and roles ( self employed / sole traders / EAP providers / pastoral staff / training institutes / educational settings - school counsellors  / GP surgeries / charities and more .  I offer clinical supervision of counselling practice as well as consultancy work for organisations and supervisors ( consultancy supervision/ Supervision of Supervision ).

I am also a trainer of supervisors. It is a true privilege to train therapists become qualified and competent supervisors , at a time when we most need frontline staff to provide a truly holding environment at the sight of the challenges we are facing as a society. The training I offer is on the 7 eyed model of Supervision (Hawkins& Shohet ) .My experience is that this model can be applied across different theoretical approaches.

I am consistently fascinated about the unique tapestry that is co-creted in a supervisory relationship . My approach to Supervision is informed by person centred values and has a growing lens of psycho spiritual phenomena through the pointing of presence and consciousness in the person of the practitioner and the work undertaken with the client.

I see the supervisory relationship as a collegial one and I am always amazed at the richness and learning it can hold for both parties!As a supervisor I aim to support you to work at the maximum of your potential. I endeavour to create a safe space for you in our relationship so you can be your most authentic self. Authenticity (from both parties ) leads to a strong bond and inner transformations. 

Creative Ways of processing :

I am always keen to hear how and what are the ways in which you learn. I tend to tailor my approach to the ways you assimilate learning. Personally, I love working creatively - I use sandtray or Youngian archetype cards or imagery cards / drawing / clay as some of the various methods in processing client material. Inspired by focusing oriented psychotherapy training . I will also use and draw from somatic/body oriented approaches which inform my work. I attend to the non verbal ways we “carry” our client’s material. I use my body as a vehicle which transports messages ;I find that  focusing on my felt sense in combination with my knowledge around mindful embodied practices offer a great foundation for conscious explorations. Creative explorations are illuminating! More recently -and as a result of my integration of healing sounds for my professional training- I find I integrate more organically sounds in my therapy/supervision work. I have begun exploring what its like to invite sounds in sand tray work- soundtray work rather!- as a way of helping you getting un-stuck in your process with your clients. 

I am on the alert of any unspoken parallel processes at play! I often feel that a lot of things in therapy remain unsaid ( unacknowledged). It is usually where the therapist’s stuckness  manifests- (in other words a sense of incongruence emerges). My role is to bring you back into congruence/ wholeness/ so you can support your client in the best possible way for them. It is where new knowledge, understanding , and skills can be integrated.

Together ,we “name to tame” these unconscious processes .This brings profound clarity and insight into the work you carry. My role as your supervisor is to observe closely and guide you to bring consciousness to what was before hidden (eg a dysfunctional or stuck dynamic or strong feeling towards client, or feeling burdened by client s issues ),through holding and deep compassion and affirmation of you as a therapist and the right amount of congruence to help you grow.

Growth and development in supervision can occur in so many multiple ways. I see you, the supervisee, as the expert of your work with your client. My task is to help you reconnect with your own resilience, intuition, knowledge when working alongside your clients, in an ethical and robust way.

I have monthly consultancy supervision support in order to enhance my ongoing supervision practice and ensure I can bring myself fully in the relationship.

If you wish to have a chat about the way I work you can contact me at 07523217600.

Remote supervision 

I do offer remote supervision as well as face to face. Though sometimes it might be a challenge to use creative methods via the internet but nothing is impossible! Besides the layers of the transpersonal are easily accessed from anywhere as well as working with the body/ energetically , dream work and accessing a more expansive state of consciousness.  Practitioners in other countries are accountable and responsible in establishing if the work with myself will be met by their relevant professional bodies. 

Fees/ venues:

Northenden/South Manchester. (5min drive from Didsbury), M22

Fee: £50 per hour. 
Student rates are ( please note concessions are currently taken but I am open for group supervision input on a fortnight or monthly basis).

Group fee: £22 per person. Register your interest and I will contact you when the group is formed or you can suggest to colleagues and form a group. 

Kind Regards,


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Im a holistic humanistic supervisor. I am passionate about working in ways which honour the transpersonal/spiritual dimensions in practice.


Maria Kefalogianni

Maria Kefalogianni