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Maria Kefalogianni:Humanistic therapist;supervisor;trainer/researcher; MBACP FHE

Manchester, Lancashire, M22
07523 217600 07523 217600

Hello and welcome to my supervisor's profile.

Are you looking for supervision for yourself or for staff within your organisation ?

Some people also argue that it is healthy to change supervisors from time to time , however a lot depends on the relationship you establish. If you are looking on my profile I work on the assumption that you are interested in establising a new supervisory relationship which can help you grow further and support your future development. 

I can appreciate that looking for a supervisor is an essential and important choice to make. 
The process of choosing for a supervisor has always been for me an intriguing opportunity to look deeper into my professional and developmental needs ; Our professional needs do change throughout our career and that is a normal part our ongoing development. 

I am very passionate about the richness that supervision can offer.

I have a lot of experience in offering one to one as well as group supervision. In my role as a university lecturer , i offer supervision to Bsc and Msc counselling students, supporting them through their training and journey in becoming qualified counsellors. 

I am an integratively trained supervisor. I trained in Shohet and HAwkins model of supervision. The seven eyed model in clinical supervision which I have found that this model can be applied across different theoretical orientations. Currently, I offer supervision to students and qualified practicing counsellors. I also offer (developmental )supervision and support to teachers, mental health practitioners, social workers who can often feel overburdened with their workload. This need for supervisory support is becoming more and more recognised and essential, given the highly pressuring workplaces we are currently working in.

I always feel privileged to witness the journey my clients and supervisees take and I would certainly say that working alongside as a supervisor with therapist (or trainees) has taught me an awful lot, different learning each time!
I see a supervisory relationship as a collegial one and I am always amazed at the richness and learning it can hold for both parties!

I am always intrigued by the games of the unconscious and how  parallell processes can occur in a supervisory relationship. I often feel that a lot of things remain unsaid and my role in supervision is to help you find their voice, and place these in the relationship with the client so that you as a supervisee feel empowered and inspired to continue working creatively and effectively. I use my self a lot when i work with my supervisees in my attempt to do so. To do this effectively and accurately one needs to do a lot of self development and ongoing reflection . I want to believe that I am committed to this, for life. I therefore share what I may intuitively pick up either in the relationship with supervisee/client or in the relationship with my supervisees.

Growth and development in supervision can occur in so many multiple ways. I see you, the supervisee, as the expert of your work with your client. My task is to help you reconnect with your own resilience, intuition, knowledge when working alongside your clients, in an ethical and safe manner. I aspire to work in a very person centred way ,however i have always found supervision a bit more process directive.  Supervision is a different space to therapy yet I ground my modality on thefoundational principles of Carl Rogers.

I am actively present in my supervisory work , whilst at the same time I recognize the importance in allowing mindful silences to reveal material that have remained unearthed in the "noise" of the relationship. I am gentle yet challenging, and i hope to provide the right supervisory environment for you to grow.

I am very relational in my work with clients and I endeavor to hold the supervisory relationship at heart of my practice.

One of my recent long held interests in supervision is working creatively. I have used different means to help the supervisee explore what you need ( sandtrays, Youngian archetype cards, pebbles/stones). I focus on the body in my supervisory work as a place which can transport significant messages. I tend to use my felt sense influenced by my ongoing somatic oriented training and interest in focusing oriented psychotherapy and the significance of our bodies.
It is hard to know who to choose without the experience of the face to face contact.
I  offer a free initial consultation to discuss in more depth your supervisory needs , to establish for yourself how you are feeling around me ( I always advise people to bring a case they would wish to have some support with at our initial session). In this first session we can decide if we can and want to work together. 

A bit more about me:

I a humanistc/integrative therapist and counselling tutor/facilitator in a local University. My core training is in the Person Centred Approach.  I have had additional training in group analysis. I have mainly worked as a supervisee with humanistic/person centred and psychodynamic oriented supervisors. 

My supervisory work is very much influenced by a psycho dynamic understanding on client's psychological processes and I would describe my core way of being as a supervisor relational person centred. I aspire to create a SAFE supervisory relationship where you can feel supported , understood, held but also challenged to reach your potential as a therapist. 

My supervision style will often depend on your supervisory needs as I tend to tailor my practice so that it will suit your requirements. I am a fun of using the arts and creativity in my work when that is appropriate or requested by yourself; for example if the way you learn is more hands and more oriented towards creative ways of learning. . Although I am open to different ways of exploration I do tend to have some favorite ones: eg: miniature work ( sandtray), use of psychodrama and gestalt tools/frameworks to assist a deepening understanding of the work. I am also particularly interested in the transpersonal elements that our therapeutic relationships often hold for us.

I do have monthly consultancy supervision support in order to enhance my  supervision practice to ensure I can offer myself at the very best of my ability.

You can find more details about my work experience and background on my website: www.mariakcounselling.com or feel free to contact me at 07523217600 for a 20 minute chat or an initial meeting at no cost to discuss your supervisory needs.

Fees/ venues:

I offer supervision in Manchester -Northenden/South Manchester.(4min drive from Didsbury)

My current fee is £50-60 per clinical hour depending on your needs. ( Student rates are available ) and always happy to be flexible and discuss your needs at the time.

I hold a rating scale for corporate clients. Contact me to discuss your supervisory needs.

I offer the first meeting for free to allow us negotiate a way of working together.

Kind Regards,

Maria Kefalogianni

Msc, Bsc, PostGrad Cert counselling Supervision;PostGrad very in Academic Practice, MBACP (regist), BAPCA, cMind ( Centre for contempletative Mind in Society); FHEA

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Hello and welcome to my supervisor's profile.


Maria Kefalogianni:Humanistic therapist;supervisor;trainer/researcher; MBACP FHE

Maria Kefalogianni:Humanistic therapist;supervisor;trainer/researcher; MBACP FHE