Maria Kefalogianni:Humanistic therapist; supervisor; trainer/researcher; MBACP

Maria Kefalogianni:Humanistic therapist; supervisor; trainer/researcher; MBACP


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About me

Maria Kefalogianni: Humanistic therapist/ supervisor/ counselling trainer/researcher.

I specialise in both short-term and long term psychotherapy.I work with people who experience wide range of psychological and emotional difficulties.My areas of expertise include : relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, bereavement & loss (death, divorce, health losses), anger management, identity issues, self esteem, decision-making, seasonal affective disorder, young people's wellbeing (self-harm, self-esteem in young people; see young people's section below)

Through my continuous personal and professional development, I am well aware of the challenge to break limiting patters of thinking/feeling/ behaving. I have been continously kept growing and engaging in ongoing development opportunities for myself. It would be a paradox and incongruent attitude to expect from you to do this emotional work, and not being prepared to continue this for life for myself.It is possible to break these limiting patterns - I am here to facilitate this process with you. Working together you will gain a deeper awareness on yourself and feel equipped with new tools: new ways of understanding of your feelings and behaviour, new insight on your issues, increased self acceptance, new ways of thinking and responding to intense situations in more effective ways. My clients have developed tremendous insights and understanding about their behaviour-feelings-thoughts and have ultimately felt empowered to make changes in their own lives.
I am truly committed in my work with clients. I bring along my enthousiasm, passion and eagerness for learning and knowledge as well as genuine interest and trust in your potential to grow and change.

I create an empowering and safe space where individuals feel able to explore how they relate to themselves and the world.
I will always strive to check with you that the work we do together does have a positive effect on your life.

Why not contact me to check for yourself if I am the right therapist for you ?

What ever decision you make, I wish you well in life.


                                          I receive referrals from:

adults +16, couples, individuals interested in group therapy, parent's /carers for their children/teenagers organisations for training purposes.

                                  WHY COUNSELLING NOW?

If you struggle it might feel emotionally draining, difficult and tiresome.
Moments of crisis however can also reflect the voice of our inner wisdom :'I have had enough; I am more ready for a change now'.

I work on the assumption that you are experiencing a situation that is challenging you at the moment, in a lot of ways.

  • Do you feel that no one understands you and your sense of sadness increases?
  • Do you feel less motivated to engage fully in your life?
  • Do you feel you have lost a sense of purpose/ meaning in your life?
  • Do you find yourself being overwhelmed with disturbing and painful thoughts/images/ memories that affect your day to day functioning?
  • Do you often feel anxious, stressed or angry and this is expressed -or not-in unhealthy ways to those around you?

Clients that I have worked with in the past have shared their benefits from therapy as below:

  • Develop a better understanding on themselves-clarity/self-awareness
  • Feel more relaxed and motivated
  • Regain their self confidence
  • Talk for things/experiences that they have never talked about and make sense, understand, accept and move on from past painful experiences
  • Develop closer relationships with friends and family (and their own 'self')
  • Feel empowered to reach difficult decisions Self-acceptance, deeper trust in their own self
  • Accepting themselves more, and ultimately this leads to deeper and more experiential changes.

What are your therapy needs?

It is often difficult to have a clear understanding and/or objective/goal for your therapy from the outset.  I will assist you in your process of identifying your goals from therapy during our first meeting. I consider it vital to identify an important for you area to work on/ a focus.

(check for more details)

I practice from an integrative model of psychotherapy with a strong relational focus and having the person centred conditions of acceptance, genuinness and unconditional positive regard at the heart of my practice.

As an integrative therapist/counsellor I draw upon various elements of different theoretical orientations I have received training on. I predominantly draw aspects from Humanistic Therapies (Person-Centred, Gestalt, Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy,  ). These focus more on the here and now encouraging your self development and potential in order to live an authentic and meaningful life. Having been trained in the Person Centred approach I hold this approach at the core of my practice as well as way of living.
I also draw upon Psychoanalytical Psychodynamic Therapies, which explore and focus on non constructive patterns which are repeated in people's lives, relationship patterns , experiences which have evolved from childhood and generally one's past and looking into how these might have influenced your present life and the way you understand the world.
I draw upon elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapies, which focus on how our thoughts influence the way we feel and ultimately respond to our worries/ relationships and life in general. I have an increasingly developing interest in the transpersonal element of the  therapeutic relationship and i Integrate mindfulness into my practice.

The relationship that we establish is unique and really significant. Everything that takes place within this space is considerably important. I work in a very warm and genuine way. Clients have always appreciated my "no-rushing" attitude and have verbally shared their appreciation.
Most of our families/ friends rush to 'fix' our problems, which may leave you feeling frustrated and not listened to. Their intentions may be positive but sometimes it is not the listening you may wish to have.

I always respect how much you want to share without pushing you to explore any area in yourself that you do not want to go to or visit at the time. HOWEVER, in times where I feel a deeper exploration could promote further understanding around your issues, I will encourage you to reflect a little deeper or introduce some theory concepts in an attempt to facilitate deeper understanding for yourself. You can always decline my invitations. You will see me often sharing my own thoughts and feelings in an attempt to check if I have understood you correctly.
I also often wish to focus on how each unique relationship that I establish with people might reflect the way they relate to those around them as well as themselves. I will ,when appropriate and necessary, share with you how I experience you if that is to facilitate your personal insights about yourself.

Having said that, I might also not get you 100% at all times, yet I always strive to do so. I am open to receive your feedback during your therapy and I do strive to make reviews often.

I have trust in mine and your capacity to build a meaningful for you relationship which will empower you to reach your potential.

You can consult my website for more details on what types of methods/interventions I have used in the past to help clients. (A link to assist you in your decision about therapy).

Training, qualifications & experience


*BSc Philosophy and Social Studies (1st Honours; 4yrs)

*MSc Counselling Psychology (Distinction; 2yrs) Bacp Accredited course

* Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling Supervision (Keele University)- Qualified supervisor

*Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice ( as part of my role as a University Lecturer in Counselling & Psychotherapy).

* Foundation Certificate in Group Analysis -Group Analysis North; 1yr-

* Certificate in Couples & Relationship Counselling   -Macclessfield Training Centre
* Level 1 Compassion Focused Therapy - Integrating a lot from this modality into practice

* Level 2 Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy - John Threadgold
*Certificate in Social Psychology -Warsaw School of Social Psychology

*Certificate in Gestalt (CPD)

*Certificate in CBT     (CPD)

*Certificate in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) (CPD)

Professional membership:
BACP - British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy- Registered member: 038198
BAPCA- British Association of Person Centred Approach
cMind : Centre for Contemplative Mind In Society

* I am fully insured and hold an enhanced CRB disclosure which allows me to work with all age groups.

For a brief professional CV consult my website

Specialised area of interest : Counselling/Therapy with young people

My work extends in working therapeutically with children and young people (age: 10-16) . Besides my private practice I run a counselling project in a secondary school with more than 1500 students, where I co-ordinate the service and provide therapy to teenagers. In my work with young people I use creative media, play-therapy techniques & CBT techniques, solution-focused and psychodynamic approaches in order to empower young people to effectively communicate their feelings, and learn new healthier coping strategies.
I have worked with young people with complex needs who experience or have experienced a range of issues: traumatic events (abuse, neglect) , bereavement issues and loss, severe self-harm, low self-esteem, divorce of parents, anger management, panic attacks/ anxiety/stress, parental alcohol misuse,relationship difficulties, phobias, OCD, depression, suici-ideation.

Outcomes /Statistics gathered from my counselling work with young people in schools:

  • Improved Self confidence
  • Improved communication skills
  • Improved family and peer relationships
  • Higher sense of responsibility
  • Less challenging behavior
  • Reduced need for other service : CAMHS
  • Improved school attendance and academic performance

I draw greatly from my experience of working with young people in my work with adults. In particular the employment of creative methodologies to assist in the therapeutic/supervisory relationship.

Continuous Professional Development & Training :

I am very committed to my continuous development as part of the requirements of BACP 's ethical framework Further training undertaken :

-(2018): Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy (Level 2 ); Eugene Gendline , by John Threadgold

-(2017) Adult attachment interview protocolMarioMarrone- Supervisee of John Bowlby,

- Introduction to Pesso Boyden sustem psychotherapy (2017),

-Breathwork trainining as a participant ( on and off since 2016 )

-Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy , Level 1 (2016). John Threadgold

-Experience as a client of Lifespan integration therapy (2015)
-Love and Fear in Supervision (2014) with Robin Shohet

--Nottingham university; Person Centred Conference ADPCA " Committment and Freedom". (2014)
-Compassion focused therapy (2014) 3 day training with Chris Irons
-With the breath of kindness: helping troubled children and adolescents- Margot Sunderland, Nov 2013

-Keele University conference 2013: "Counselling and the emotions"
-Not among the chosen; Working with traumatised children & young people" Margot Sunderland
-Pluralistic Counselling- a new framework to therapy (Mick Cooper)
-Working with survivors of trauma
-Counselling parents to develop their Parenting skills.
- Anger Management
-CBT for eating disorders
-Working with Domestic Abuse issues
-Working with people with eating disorders
-Alcohol addiction
- Bereavement & loss
-Mindfulness Based therapy (8 week course ) with Louise Marley
-Bereavement for children & young people
-Sexual minority therapy
-Using creative methodologies in the therapeutic session (play therapy and expressive therapy )

I am a keen lifelong and lifewide learner and I aspire to keep myself up to date with any changes/ development in the Counselling era as well as engaging in Personal and professional development through other avenues. I am currently enjoying deepening my understanding and exploration on creativity in the therapy profession and academic world.
I am also very interested in transpersonal and spiritual aspects in life and how these may manifest in the therapeutic room.
I am a member of a spiritual women s group and an advocate of holotropic breathwork (The Alchemy of Breath). All these experiences add to my relationship I build both with my clients and supervisees as well as with my students; let alone my own self.


Kefalogianni, M (2018). ''Making is connecting… A journey into the making as a means of
connection and personal growth: Exploring the feminine in the making'' in Creative Academic Magazine , September 2018, pp. 38- 41.

Kefalogianni, M 2017 'I am my Pedagogy; my Personal Ecological Pedagogy', in: Creative Academic Magazine, Exploring Creative Pedagogies for Creative Learning Ecologies, , April 2017, pp.20-23.

Kefalogianni, M 2017 'The emergence of my creativity through creative HE', in: Creative Academic Magazine, Exploring Creative Pedagogies for Creative Learning Ecologies, , February 2017, pp.68-81. .

Kefalogianni, M, 2010 "Collective Biography Practices", a creative approach to research, in "Counselling & Psychotherapy Research" Journal.

Book reviews:

Creative supevision across modalities: theory and applications for therapists, counsellors and others helping professionals (Lia Zografou & Anna Chesner, 2013) - yet to be published in CPR.

- Conference /Symbosium Presentations :

-An idiosyncratic approach to person centred mindful practice - Minding the Gaps Symbosium, University of Salford , (2018)

The ARM annual meeting ( Association of Radical Midwives) self-care: barriers and stepping stones (2016).

-Presentation of research papers at Keele University: Counselling Psychology Conference (2008)

-Presentation at the BACP "Research Impacts", Conference London (2010).

Guest Editor on Creative Academic Magazine, Issue: October 2017 issue " Using our present to explore our past"
Moderator on a Creative Online Community of 527 members ,currently.

( if you somebody who may be interested in submitting an article for this issue please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your ideas further).

Member organisations


Accredited register membership

Other areas of counselling I deal with

I have an interest in mindfulness based ways of experiencing/ viewing reality and this has proven to be beneficial for my clients. Focus on your breathing patterns can help you to learn effectively how to relax.

Also, I have invited clients in the past to share their dreams which have led them to very powerful realisations! I use a lot of metaphor analogy. The use of imagery and expressive art are also directly linked to the way I approach counselling, as images sometimes can speak more than words.

It is important to remember that this space is for you and ONLY you can define how you want it to be!

Whether you choose or not to use words I am commited in non-judgementally listening to you and what you choose to share with me.


I offer appointments during week(occasional weekends): during day, afternoon and evening times -

* Couples Counselling : £50 pounds

*Individuals Counselling / psychotherapy (short term & long term therapy) : £45
* I have a sliding scale for fees for corporate clients .Get in touch to enquire further

I also accept enquiries from families and young people (16-18). (I am flexible on the fee if you are not in full employment; do not suffer in silence, get in touch and see how I can assist you).

*Therapeutic groups (limited places up to 5 people) -

I am happy to discuss your needs and the way I work via email or phone conversation, with no further obligation to proceed. Please do not hesitate to contact me. The final choice is yours.
Please note that at the moment I am holding a waiting list for people who may be interested.

For an expression of interest you can email me :

Reduced sessions available to students on counselling courses.

*A limited number of concessionary places available for students

£Fee : £40

The frequency and length of our work together will be discussed during our initial meeting. The decision on how often and frequently you would wish to meet will be based on what you need from therapy but also on your practical circumstances.


* Delivery of training in a group setting Bereavement & Loss : Understanding theory and interventions. (8 week course package). Enquire for more details.

* Working with self harm and young people in counselling
*Working with anger management with young people in counselling

*Therapy offered in :

English & Greek.

I welcome enquiries from people of all nationalities. As an immigrant myself I have had the privilege to work with people of different ethnic backgrounds:
Greek, British, Spanish, Swedish, German, Canadian, Irish, Portuguese,  Polish, Welsh, Indian, Asian- Pakistani, African-Caribbean, American


*South Manchester (Northenden, 5min drive from Didsbury village) car park space available

To have a look at the Counselling room; visit my website


Further information

Counselling offers a space where the seed could become a beautiful flower once it received enough water, warmth and sunlight...

Sometimes we all need to talk to someone… I am here to listen to offer you a space to think, a place to grow as an individual and re-connect with your unique potential.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Maps & Directions

Manchester, M22

Type of session

Online counselling: No
Telephone counselling: No
Face to face counselling: Yes
Home visits: No

Practical details

Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: Greek


Wheelchair access: Unspecified


Do get in touch for more details.If our schedules do not coincide i m happy to discuss this with you or refer you to a trusted colleague.

Types of client

Young people
Older adults

Supervision & training

Hello and welcome to my supervisor's profile.

Online supervision:Yes
Telephone supervision:No
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