Why does my counsellor need supervision?

Supervision is a requirement for any counsellor in client contact. The cases being managed by the therapist are taken to supervision in a manner that is respectful of the client and at the same time, maintains their confidentiality. The supervision checks out that the therapist is coping well and continuing to be effective. Self care is essential for any counsellor and the client's therapeutic journey is always of paramount importance.

The supervisory meeting allows time for true reflective practice to occur. The counsellor is supported to explore their own motivations, their personal conflicts, their relational issues. With this enhanced self knowledge, the counselling process can proceed without additional 'baggage' being brought into the room by the therapist.

Supervision can help identify the therapeutic goals, that may differ but should compliment the clients desired outcomes. The fact that there may be hidden issues going on, can be examined in the open without prejudice, with the neutral person, the supervisor.

Supervision can help equip the counsellor with a therapeutic map, but a map that will be shaped and modified by the client and what they bring with them each meeting. It can provide a framework and clarify the main issues. Supervision is an opportunity to hypothesise, check out and receive a new perspective. The supervisor can help by furnishing the supervisee with information, different approaches, and new therapeutic models.

It should be an energising experience that helps the therapist to be able to present in the counselling room. Supervision and true reflective practice should, in fact, be an intrinsic cornerstone for all professional in the 'caring' professions.

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