When is the right time to pick up the phone?

You may have been thinking about getting some counselling for quite some time, years maybe? Your friends, family, and even those who aren’t that close to you may have said ‘you should talk to someone’.  But being a strong, capable, functioning person you think – no, I’m OK, I can get through this, it’ll pass. Perhaps you are right. Perhaps it is a bad day and tomorrow will look brighter. But perhaps you’ve had just a few too many bad days – that have led to bad weeks or longer. 

If the rain clouds aren’t lifting and your outlook is not improving then perhaps – for you – now is the time. When you come for counselling you don’t have to be strong or brave or anything other than who you are right now. And that is OK. There is no judgement on how you are feeling. You can feel whatever you are feeling and express that and know that it will be understood – accepted and not judged.

If you are the last person that anyone would think would need counselling, then you are more likely not to call – that doesn’t mean you don’t need the support – it means you are probably used to managing on your own. You are likely to have been supporting others for a very long time.  

Is it time now for you – and I mean just you – to be the focus, to be heard, to be supported?

I look forward to hearing back from you.

- Rachael Bark

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All therapists are verified professionals