What is the inner child and how does it impact my adult self?

Do you ever wonder why sometimes you are reacting to a situation, but don't understand why? Do you seek approval to the extent where you live for others and not yourself? Do you often feel that you self-sabotage your success? Do you often feel that you fear speaking your mind, incase you're not heard, or someone may laugh or you'll be judged?

Everyone has a child within them, as we were all once one. As a child, we learn how to communicate with people based on how we learn to experience the world. We develop a place for ourselves in the world and live by this perception. Often children will strive for the basic human needs, such as approval and love. If the child feels they are not receiving this, they can develop negative internal beliefs and feel that there is something wrong with them.

As we grow older, we carry these false internal beliefs with us. We learn to reject ourselves and as a result develop insecurities from the pastimes as a child when we have felt we have not received approval or love. We can find ways to cope with this feeling, such as avoidance, drink and drugs, distractions, striving to perfection, hiding who you are in view of feeling rejected. This can also impact on our mental health, causing anxiety, panic attacks, low self esteem, lack of confidence, eating problems, depression, anger etc. As a result of this, it stops us being the person we are capable of being, as we live by the rule that our inner child has experienced of not being good enough to be loved. So the inner child may live for approval from others.

Today we need to begin to make ourselves whole and accept every part of who we are even our inner child. You can learn to communicate with your inner child and understand the experiences they went through, to help you understand the reality you live in now.

There are a set of techniques that I use to help individuals communicate with their inner child. By the end of this not only will you be able to understand your inner child emotions, you will also be able to become the person you are capable of becoming. It is never too late to learn about you, to love and accept yourself, to be confident, to do the things that you've always wanted to. Imagine living a life where your emotions no longer control you, but you control what you want to do. Let's learn to communicate with your inner child together.

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Written by Dr Lalitaa Suglani

Birmingham B15 & Earlswood B94

Dr. Lalitaa Suglani.
Counselling Psychologist and Life/Success Strategist

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