We all have a voice

Most of us have the opportunity to talk to people on a daily basis, but how much do we really talk and are we really heard? It’s very easy to go through life feeling like we never really get to talk about the things that really mean something to us. We share good news and bad, we talk to friends and family on a level that we feel comfortable with and we have people who we trust and those we don’t.

Not everyone is in the position of having someone to trust in and to talk to at the time they need it. For those who struggle, it doesn’t take away the fact that we all have a voice and we all deserve to be heard.

Sometimes the best form of release from all those feelings that build up over the years is talking about them. Talking about how you feel, about things that have happened, about how others make you feel and about where all those feelings come from.

Having the freedom to say whatever you want gives you a choice in what you say rather than only saying what you feel is right.

Sometimes, the things we want to say don’t fit in with what society expects from us. Mothers who struggle with motherhood, sons and daughters who dislike their parents, those who disagree with the choices of others, those who regret decisions made in the past. It’s not always easy to make those thoughts go away and the path of least resistance is often to push them back down. This, however, doesn’t make them go away. It often means that they’ll come back to the forefront of your mind from external triggers that you have no control over. A chance remark or a programme on the TV can reignite those feelings and they’re back, as fresh as they ever were.

Many people are able to talk to a loved one or best friend but for some people, it may be a subject that they don’t feel comfortable talking about and for others, there may not be the right person in place to talk to when you need to. Counselling or talk therapy as it’s often referred to offers a safe space to use your voice and be heard. The process of actually being listened to can give such a sense of release, of lightness and of freedom, purely because it’s no longer being carried around like a heavy weight.

No matter what the subject or from how long ago, we all have a voice and we should all be heard. 

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