True self and the law of attraction

Until recently, metaphysical concepts such as the law of attraction belonged to the world of spirituality and esoteric. However, thanks to various books/films (notably The Secret) and the proliferation of related information available on the internet, these concepts have entered the mainstream consciousness.

In simple terms the law of attraction is the idea that we attract into our realities that which matches our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Actually, the law of attraction is an aspect of a bigger concept namely, that we create our realities on a moment by moment basis. A significant aspect of this is focus. So, for example, if we are constantly focussing on not finding a suitable partner then that is what will be manifested. This is oversimplified but the principle is there.

So how does counselling help?

In many ways, for example; often, an important part of the counselling process is to assist clients in discovering who they really are i.e. what do they really think and feel about certain things. The client can then embody that being with authenticity and integrity. Furthermore, we all have aspects of our personality and past that we prefer to ignore. Bringing these aspects out into the open for new understanding can be very healing.

In terms of law of attraction, this is beneficial because the shift in the client’s focus will mean he/she starts attracting more of what they want rather than what they don’t want.

Core beliefs generate thoughts. These core beliefs are usually hidden in the unconscious mind. For example, there may be a hidden collection of beliefs around the theme of not being ‘lovable’ these beliefs might have their origins in some form of subtle but prolonged rejection in childhood by parents or people at school etc. Counselling can help reveal/unmask these beliefs and reshape them so that the client can then become a more conscious creator and start attracting into his/her life that which is in more alignment with her true self.

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Crediton, Devon, EX17

Written by Steve Cutmore

Crediton, Devon, EX17

As a qualified, integrative therapeutic counsellor, I provide a nurturing environment in which themes and issues can be explored safely. My overall goal is to enhance client's sense of well-being and ability to thrive. I view each client as an individual who is seeking assistance in finding their pa...

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