Time to Re- evaluate (Part 2) - Your Career

Spring can be the time of fresh starts, after a long drawn out winter. Getting fit for the summer to cutting down on alcohol consumption, taking up a new interest or hobby to smoking cessation, but what about spring cleaning your career? This may involve looking at a career change or coping with your present one, especially if you feel unable to deal with degrees of pressure. Is stress in the workplace, taking its toll on you? Do you feel stuck in a rut?

Work place, trepidation, can affect self confidence, and sleep patterns, due to not feeling 'on top of your game' regardless of the amount of unpaid extra hours worked. For some, seeking relief with colleagues, for a drink after work, can temporarily relieve work pressure, but in excess can hamper the next working day, and lead to a downward spiral. Friends and family may suggest a holiday, but due to the pile - up of work in your absence, you decline.

Are you taking on too many duties - due to the fact that you feel unable to say 'no' especially to those in superior positions? The impact can force you to miss deadlines and targets, resulting in working longer hours than other staff, producing resentment towards your job and other colleagues. Is lack of assertiveness putting you in a position, where you feel taken advantage of?

A simple and more effective approach to a colleague who is keen to dump their work on you is to say 'Yes, but I have an upcoming deadline that I need to prioritise and can not miss' Chances are your colleague will retract their request. The 'yes, but' approach with colleagues, will get round the office, that your willing to do your share, if need be, but your not a 'dumping ground' - therefore establishing boundaries with your colleagues who in return (after their initial annoyance!) will respect your assertive professionalism.

By not allowing yourself to be a doormat, upon which colleagues feel free to dump all of their 'extra' workload, will earn your their respect and improve your professional performance. Remember you can change negative aspects of your work, by taking control, and dealing with the situation, which can only benefit your professional career in the long run.

However if your working environment, feels overwhelming, causing day to day stress, and anxiety, seeling the support of a careers counsellor, can provide information, advice and guidance, for long - term strategies, which will increase your self - reliance, re-define professional boundaries and generate a sense of professional accomplishment and self - worth.

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