Thoughts vs emotions

How we think is paramount to how we feel. In most cases we wonder as to what comes first, the chicken or the egg. Is it that our thoughts first arrive and then our emotions are created or is it that our emotions set off our thinking. The importance of the egg is just as significant as the chicken, as one can not exist without the process and function of the other. So, what started it all off?

I am not going to explain chicken and eggs, but I will explain thoughts and feelings.

We go around all day interacting with others and leaving our imprint in you could say the “social universe” of interaction, perception, communication and response. The problem is when we find ourselves entangled in unhealthy negative emotions which cause us great discomfort. Sometimes we are involved in a discussion which turns into an argument then explodes into mayhem. This is often due to the argument triggering some dormant frustration/upset that has been lurking in the background of emotional, physical interactions and the argument was the catalyst that brought it to the surface. 

How did the argument do that? Well it all starts with the thought, whatever that thought was it carried with it a set of demands which then leaked out into the emotions which were propelled by the thoughts.  The emotions are our thoughts in energetic motion its stored energy, it’s got potential, the physical action is kinetic energy, it has movement inward or outward. Whatever that is has been fuelled by thought then processed into emotion and was released as action.

The point of this is to conclude that our thoughts trigger our emotions which then drives our attitudes and behaviours.

When we master our thoughts we master our emotions, however being our very own master mind is almost unattainable as we are wonderfully human and need to allow ourselves to make mistakes because we are fallible. 

What if there was a way to manage thoughts and emotions and be able to understand when you might escalate negatively in behaviours because of your emotions. Well there is. CBT/REBT does just that, it is a process of accepting the self and harnessing emotions and thought to get a better outcome for you that does not hinder the development of others and most importantly does not hinder you.

“People don't just get upset. They contribute to their upsetness” - Albert Ellis.

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Written by Disree Shaw

London EC3M & W5

I have worked with children, young adults and adults for the past 16 years as a counsellor, hypnotherapist and CBT Therapist. My background is in counselling and CBT behavioural therapies that support and move towards healthy change. My expertise lies within my skill, experience and education to practice within multi model of therapy discipline.

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