Thoughts on Fear

What should we do when we are so afraid and we cannot see a way forward?

Have faith. When all around you seems lost and you cannot find your way home, have faith that everything will be ok. You will find your path, you will make it through this darkness and into the light.

Sometimes our fear can literally paralyse us. When we are scared we focus on the cause of our fear over and over again, and as we do this the subject of our fear, grows and grows and grows until it is so strong that we feel simply overwhelmed. By focusing on something positive we begin to give strength to something else, some other part of ourselves that longs to feel hopeful and inspired. Recovery isn’t just about behaviour; it’s also about changing the way that you think.

When we have been surrounded by negative thoughts, negative behaviours and negative consequences, it’s easy to become stuck in that ‘negative rut’; recovery is about shifting our thoughts and emotions onto something positive and beginning to draw toward us a sense of positivity and greatness. Recovery isn’t just about surviving, it’s about become the absolute best that you can be and nurturing yourself on a daily basis.

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