The innocent adult baby

This brief article refers solely to adult babies (AB) for whom the expression of their younger self is a purely innocent activity, not those for whom it is connected, either in whole or in part, to their sexual identity. Nor does it relate to diaper lovers (DL). This does not imply a judgement on my part, merely a recognition of the differing needs of these disparate groups.

ABs are more common than you think. You are most definitely not alone.

I have been privileged to care for many ABs. Many of my clients have known of the existence of their little side for many years. These younger selves often have their own unique names, personalities and preferences. This younger self takes pleasure in cuddles and innocent activities such as drawing or watching cartoons. As innocent as these activities are, the men and women who visit me also tell of wishing this part of themselves would just disappear. They tell of feeling overwhelmed by feelings of guilt and shame, of expensive ‘binge and purge’ cycles. They tell of being terrified their loved ones or their work colleagues will find out they are an AB. They recognise their lives would be far easier if this part of themselves would disappear – but it never does.

There is so much I want to say, but I have limited space in this article, so it may help to list some key points…

  • AB are not paedophiles. If you have been brave enough to share this side of yourself and this was the reaction you received, I am very sorry. That was wrong. To conflate a desire to embody a younger self with one who abuses children shows a staggering lack of knowledge and understanding.
  • You have nothing to feel ashamed of. You are merely recognising the needs of your younger self. There is nothing wrong in this.
  • If society doesn’t recognise the AB, it is because it has some catching-up to do. Try and be as patient as you can. My sense is we’re getting there.
  • If you do not have a life where you can indulge your AB side, try and find ways to sneak some self-care in. It’s amazing how we can be ‘little’ whilst out in the open; lollipops, telling silly jokes and playing on the swings in the park are all excellent ways of making your AB side happy. What else can you think of?

I hope my words have given you a sense that you are not alone, and perhaps given you something to think about. If you would like to speak to someone confidentially, then contact a counsellor who will be able to support you. 

Best wishes,

Claire Maskery

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