The dangers of suppression

Suppression is a dangerous thing. When we suppress we are simply burying everything below the surface, but it is all still there, bubbling away until one day it erupts. That eruption might come in the form of a massive aggressive outburst, a nervous breakdown, or physical illness or disease.

When we suppress our negative emotions rather than expressing what we really feel, those emotions can cause blockages in the energy pathways of the body. This in turn means that our energy is not flowing freely through the body and we may feel sluggish, tired, stressed, and out of sorts. If we do not treat this energy imbalance then further symptoms of ill health may show up. We may develop something a lot more serious.

Our thoughts affect our emotions so every thought we have can make us feel good or bad. Thoughts have been shown to affect water crystals, positive thoughts forming beautiful patterns and negative thoughts doing the reverse. As we are made up of a huge percentage of water, every thought we have is affecting us. When we have negative thoughts about ourselves, others, or the world at large, we are creating a negative experience for our body. Our thoughts can be positive or they can be toxic.

In my opinion, the main causes of physical ill health are toxins. As well as toxic thoughts and emotions, there are the other toxins that we take into our body. Toxins are all around us, in our household products, in our environment and in our foods. Limiting these toxins as much as we can is obviously the best thing we can do for our health.

Toxins build up in the body and our body tries to eliminate these. When our body is at optimal health it can get rid of toxins more easily, however a build up of toxins can lead to swelling, headaches, rashes, colds, coughs, sickness, diarrhoea etc. These symptoms are the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong.

We often ignore minor symptoms hoping they will go away but they usually don’t. In fact they will develop into something more serious if ignored. Often when we are sick, have a cough, or a rash, we pay a visit to the GP who gives us medication to stop these symptoms. The medication suppresses the symptoms but does not treat the underlying cause.

As well as that the medication itself is often toxic and can have nasty side effects. Antibiotics which are often prescribed, actually kill off some off our good useful microbes that help our immune system function well. Killing off these microbes means that our immune system doesn’t work as well.

So as we can see, when we suppress either our negative emotions or the symptoms of ill health, we are simply creating more problems for ourselves. If we take medication we are just creating more toxins in our body, our immune system functions less well, and more serious ill health may occur.

While it is always important to see a GP if you feel really unwell, it is often useful to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is my body trying to tell me?
  • Am I overworking?
  • Am I taking on too much?
  • Am I dwelling on negative thoughts?
  • Is my relationship working?
  • How happy am I really?
  • Am I eating healthy foods?
  • Am I around toxic people who drain me?
  • Are there a lot of toxins in my environment? How could I limit these?
  • Am I expressing my truth?
  • Am I allowing people to see the real me?
  • Am I communicating my feelings?
  • Where do I feel blocked?
  • Do I feel I’m on the right path for me?
  • Am I getting enough rest/sleep/relaxation/exercise?
  • Do I drink enough water?

I believe that if everyone was able to be true to themselves, dealt with their negative emotions when problems or traumatic experiences arose, limited the toxins in their life, stayed in the present moment rather than dwelling on the past or future, and made sure they had a healthy lifestyle balance, then illness and disease would be dramatically reduced.

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