The clock in the counselling room

When you visit your counsellor, have you noticed where the clock is?

A counsellor will have one somewhere, perhaps, to keep the session running to the allotted time. But the question is, can you see it? If you can, have you considered how this might have an impact on you?

Does it enhance your experience of therapy or does it make you feel conscious of the time? I wonder if you feel conscious of the time, whether this will impede you exploring certain issues, ones which you may be aware of or ones which may come to light during the session.

Do you consciously ask to see the clock? Have you explored this with your counsellor?

I would be curious to find out the reason for the need to see the clock. It may be a small item in the therapy room, but I feel it can turn into a talking point in a session particularly if you feel the need to see the clock. Could this be a sign of fear of losing control? Or are you wary of trusting the counsellor fully, that they will be able to manage the time and space they have available.

So many questions arise from a seemingly unobtrusive item. Maybe next time you go to a session, look for where the clock is and if you ask to see it - ask yourself what would it be like to let go and not look at the clock? 

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Norwich, Norfolk, NR1

Written by Jayne Booth

Norwich, Norfolk, NR1

I am a UKCP registered member, with a BSc (Hons) in integrative counselling. I have a private practice in Norwich. I am experienced and work with a vast range of issues, but particularly trauma including domestic abuse and child abuse. I also work with clients on the autistic spectrum including Asperger's Syndrome.

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