Ten things therapy can give you

1. Better relationships

As you start to learn what makes you tick, what makes others tick, and what your triggers are, it becomes easier to connect with others and to build better relationships.

2. Increased confidence

A good run of therapy will leave you with more confidence, as you start to trust yourself more deeply.

3. More intuition

If you learn to tune into your own feelings more deeply, they can be a great source of information, and help with making good choices.

4. More energy

Depression and anxiety can use up lots of energy. Coming to terms with difficult events, or stopping worrying, frees up energy that can be put to better use.

5. New skills

Your therapist can help you with some techniques that can help you right in the moments when you are struggling.

6. Better sleep

Not only can a therapist help with ‘sleep hygiene’, the things that bring us to therapy tend to be the things that keep us awake at night: as we move through the therapy process, towards letting go acceptance and change, we can worry less, and sleep better.

7. More relaxation

As we let go of things we have been holding onto, both large and small, our bodies and minds will tend to be more relaxed. And as we let things go, we also learn how to keep letting go, which allows us to be more relaxed more of the time.

8. Your place in the world

Therapy sessions can help you discover what your passion is, and help you to take steps towards following that passion and making it work for you.

9. Ways of getting more done

Therapy can help you create good habits and maintain them; it can teach you that you can still get some things done regardless of your state of mind. Therapy can help you understand what keeps you stuck, and help you move away from that.

10. Therapeutic awareness

What you learn in therapy you can put to use in-between sessions, and after your therapy has finished. You can begin deal with your own thoughts and feelings in a better way. You can learn to let things go, and change what needs to be changed, either on your own or through finding and getting the support you need.

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Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14
Written by Kaspa Thompson
Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14

Kaspa Thompson is a psychotherapist, mindfulness teacher and Buddhist priest. He works from Malvern, Worcestershire, and also via Skype. He is a BACP registered therapist.

He works with adults, and with teenagers.

"I begin by accepting the client just as they are, as much as I can, and encouraging them to do the same."

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