It has to be said that 'counselling' may have a bit of a bad name. It's one of those words that people are either open-minded about or scared by. Although more people seek counselling now than ever before, the word still carries with it a certain taboo and many people continue to be in the dark about what it actually is.

The stigma attached to counselling is there for a reason... because people don't talk about it. Yet 'talking' is what it is ultimately all about. There is nothing weird or unstable about a person's mind if they need to talk something through. On the contrary, all relationships, whether personal, in business, in a team or wherever, can only function effectively if those involved are able to give real expression to what they truly think and feel.

It is not uncommon for us to hear expressions like 'Have you got time for a chat?' Or 'I've got something I need to get off my chest', and we can safely say that it is a perfectly natural and normal part of human existence for us all to have this need. Talking helps us to free up space within our heads and just being listened to without any judgement or advice can be incredibly empowering.

However, it is not always possible to talk when we need to about the things we need to with the person or people we need to. What happens then? Well, it can either get pushed to one side or it can start to fester, but either way we can still get weighed down and emotionally 'clogged up'.

Emotions are very much like water running through a pipe. When the pipe is clear, the water reaches its destination smoothly and all is fine. But when a blockage occurs in the pipe, the water starts to build up until it reaches bursting point. Ignoring the blockage might work for a while, but eventually something has to be done, no matter how strong the pipes are.

Talking is a powerful way to free the flow of water that is our thoughts and feelings. It allows the blockages to be removed and for balance to be regained. As human beings we haven't changed at all in this respect. Life has always been about communication, and being able to talk about the things you need is akin to keeping the pipes and drains in your house permanently unblocked.

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