Sweet Dreams or Nightmares?

The more I think about – and work with – dreams, the more amazed I am at the hidden workings of the Human Soul! We all dream, and the more attention we pay to our dreams the more we become able to remember what we dreamed. Some people dream in black and white, others in colour; some remember smells and sounds, others mainly images. We might say: “I had this really strange dream last night. I wonder what that was all about... Oh well, probably just gobbledygook, just a load of rubbish...” 

We don’t understand the language of dreams; we never learned it. But imagine this: what if dreams did mean something? What if our souls were trying to tell us something, warn us about the way we live our lives, show us what’s important right now and needs our attention? What if our souls were trying to offer us guidance and wisdom; what if there was a treasure buried and all we needed to do was to start listening, pay attention and make the effort to learn this “foreign” language? Some people have the same dream time and time again, sometimes over many years. The soul is pointing something out to the dreamer and will persist, repeating the message over and over again until, maybe one day, the dreamer will understand...  Of course we don’t really know what “the Soul” is.Some call it the Unconscious, others may call it Guardian Angel, others might even experience this invisible part of ourselves as the connection to the Divine.

We all are looking for answers in one way or another; and usually we’re looking on the outside. We don’t know that the right answers for us can be found inside of ourselves, that there is a part of us that is much bigger, much wiser than our everyday awareness. And this Inner Wisdom can be accessed and consulted by each and every one of us. We may need a bit of help to learn this new language and to unearth this buried treasure that lies within ourselves. This is the real treasure, unimaginably precious, awe inspiring and sacred. It is treasure that can’t be stolen, lost or destroyed. It’s were we find real answers, true guidance, the only real safety there is. Jesus said: “The Kingdom of Heaven lies within you.” Buddha said that everything in this material world is an illusion; true freedom can only be found within ourselves.

Many more wise men and woman said similar things, but we don’t believe them; “we don’t have ears to hear; we don’t have eyes to see”. – If you are still reading you know by now how convinced I am of the importance dreams, of using them as a pathway to our own personal truth. Counselling and Psychotherapy can support and guide you on this rewarding journey towards the Centre of your Self.

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Bath, Somerset, BA1 5TH

Written by Judith Schuepfer-Griffin

Bath, Somerset, BA1 5TH

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