Step-by-step we too can Bloom

Step-by-step we venture into the snow, taking care, but focusing on moving forward and reaching our destination. Some may stumble and fall, resulting in a minor or even a major injury, which can result in being wary of snow in future; but if they try again next time, they may well succeed and not stumble, thereby helping to reduce their fear and building up renewed confidence that it CAN be ok.

Some will see the snow as an obstacle and give up; others see it as a challenge which can be overcome; others see it as something just to be accepted and will adapt to it - “It is as it is.”  Some see it as a nuisance, focusing only on the pitfalls - “I can’t get about.”  Others will see it from a different perspective, for the beauty of it, the wonder of how a simple white blanket can transform what is familiar and known into a magical wonderland. Nothing looks the same in snow - yet underneath it all, things are the same. The grass is still there, the spring bulbs are still coming up. We just can’t see them at the moment. We have only to lift the blanket to see that wonderful things are continuing to happen, whether we see them or not. Those spring bulbs, lying dormant since last year, are about to burst forth into flower. Delicate, fragile little things which never-the-less have survived the harshest of conditions, to bring colour and joy.

Similarly, we can take value from the harsh conditions. We can learn from the experience, see the world from a fresh perspective, so that next time we are faced with a challenge we can deal with it more effectively - and step forward, step-by-step, embracing the snow, rather than letting it halt us. And, over time, like the bulbs beneath, we can also bloom.

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Cardiff, CF5 1GZ

Written by Linda Esprit

Cardiff, CF5 1GZ

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