Staying with the counselling process in a world of instant gratification

I notice the trend in society favouring instant results and instant gratification. We have so much information at our fingertips, there is no need for a question to go unanswered, for us to wait for the shops to open to shop, for our favourite TV show to come on, or even for us to wait to see our friends to have a discussion with them.

In this context, having an ongoing mental health issue can be troubling. It is not something your GP can necessarily just fix with medication, it may well be that a deeper process needs to take place, and that takes time.

Working with a counsellor can be very effective in overcoming symptoms and healing mental health challenges. The recent media attention to the Royal campaign to destigmatise talking about mental health points to the power of talking and sharing your experience.

Counselling takes time, and effort. Results are not available without investing in honesty with yourself and your counsellor, nor without reflecting, and acting upon the insights you create, making changes outside the counselling room to benefit your well-being.

Counselling works precisely because it is a joint endeavour, two people together focusing on and enabling your healing. It is the relationship that heals, when it is allowed the space and time to blossom and grow.

In a fast paced world, there is a risk of commoditising and seeking to speed up counselling. While clients can expect their counsellor to support them towards their goals as effectively as possible, less is not always more, and fast is not always best. Finding the right pace for you is important, sometimes the best things come to s/he who waits.

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Darlington, County Durham, DL2

Written by Fe Robinson

Darlington, County Durham, DL2

Fe Robinson is a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor working in Durham on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Her mission is to help clients thrive, whatever their life circumstances. Fe is UKCP accredited and BACP registered and offers psychotherapy, EMDR therapy, couples counselling and clinical supervision.

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