Something needs to change...

...but what? That is why you might be considering counselling-coaching support - to find out what needs to change in your mind and in your life, and what your options for the future might be.

Exploring your circumstances now will lead you to your options and even consider other opportunities.

Perhaps it's relationships with yourself or others - lack of confidence, self doubt, uncertainty and self-awareness that leads you away from who you are and want to be.

Your mind affects your feelings, which, together with your thoughts, create emotions - and emotional responses that influence your behaviour. If you change one - thoughts, feelings, behaviours - the others will change too and you will be on the way to changing unhelpful habits to more helpful routines. It takes just 30 days to change!

Identifying what is going wrong for you may take reflection and that takes two people - not the people involved in your life who will have their own needs to consider and word towards meeting, but your own. A professional supporting you will offer you insights you perhaps have no idea about, can see you from the outside and reflect that back for you to see and better understand too. Taking it out of your mind into the world will help you to see it for what it is - just thoughts that you can change for the better, and that influence more appropriate and useful behaviours - actions, attitudes and communications that mean more and help more.

The more you know about you, the more choices and options you will find, and the more opportunities you can create to meet your needs. From food and water, through shelter, location and belonging (family, tribe, like-minded people), you will find your status, your purpose and your comfortable place where you fit well.

Our natural tendency is to strive to become the best we can be, to explore options and ideas until we find where we belong - the right people, the right location, the right environment. When you know you can find it and your can create your space and time to grow into who you want to be, who you really are.

Counselling looks at your past to find the problems, coaching takes you forward to find the solutions for a better personal future for you and yours.   

Taking small steps will help you to make lasting changes that will benefit you, be advantageous to you and help you to find and create contentment and happiness in your life.

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All therapists are verified professionals