Slippery Frog or Obedient Dog: Wanna Slippery Frog

Wanna kiss more frogs?  Read on …

You are a sexy chick!  If you don’t believe you are (most women don’t believe they are), you can make yourself into one.  You can blush your cheeks, redden your lips, lengthen your lashes, brush your brows, curl/crimp/iron or bleach/dye your locks, hike your skirts up to your thighs, pull stockings and suspenders over your slender pins and push on spiky heels or leather boots.  You can go on a diet to banish your bosom, bottom and belly – ain’t that grand! 

All this in an effort to show off your body and get a man into your life.  Well done!  You’ll do the cosmetics, clothes and culinary industries proud.  You’ll give them jobs for a lifetime if you keep it up.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, if that’s what you want, babe.

If you want a man to give you things – a long slow screw at a bar, or a quick poke in the sack … great, go for it.  He’ll love to indulge in the polished body you offer him up on a plate and will relish touching the shiny trophy on his arm.

If you want a man, who thinks about sex nearly every minute of the day, to think about sex with you every minute of the day – then great.  You’re on the right track.  But please - don’t blame him for acting like a slippery frog if he’s acted on his instincts when he’s seen you coming.  And (sincerely now), don’t be sad to watch that frog slip away when you take a day off from being a babe!

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