Setting My Intention For 2014

So, you have an idea what you want to achieve in 2014 but can’t quite put it into words… but you know what it is. Does this sound familiar?

Well, following this example through, say you were driving somewhere, and you had some idea where you wanted to go, but hadn’t planned where. You would be taking a gamble - it is more than likely you'll spend time driving around aimlessly lost and worse; waste fuel and energy trying to find your destination. This might be OK, if you have lots of time, but typically we don’t and it gets frustrating pretty quickly.

Investing the time in planning beforehand saves this anxiety. If you know your destination, and you have planned how to get there, you can have confidence that you are travelling in the right direction. As you travel along, you’ll pass familiar landmarks that confirm and reassure you that you are nearing your end point. You can even enjoy your journey.

Without planning, you do not recognise where you are in relation to where you began. The landmarks you pass along your journey have little significance; you miss the signs that reassure you that you are actually moving forward and in the right direction!

The intention of planning your journey is to ensure that it is a smooth one. The planning is the legwork, it is the commitment you are making to ensure your journey is a success and that you get to your destination as smoothly as possible.

So applying this to yourself; what is your intention for 2014? Where do you want to go and what do you want to achieve in 2014? Where do you want your journey to take you?

It is worth investing your time and committing to planning towards your goals for 2014 in order to save your time, energies and have a smoother, more assured 2014. Can you afford not to?

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