Refreshing start to the day - brush your teeth mindfully

We brush our teeth without even thinking about it and if you do think about it, this is the way we start our day and the way we end the day. Why not make this a way to becoming more mindful, more alert and more observant of the world around us and thus, become more at peace and accepting of things that may cause unnecessary stress? It is a great way to practise mindfulness and introduce it into your life; just two minutes at both ends of the day. Why not give it a go and see how you get on?

  • Start by clearing your mind, focus on your breathing and begin.

  • Notice the toothpaste as it oozes onto the brush.

  • Hear the sound of the water as you run the tap.

  • Experience the taste of the paste and the coolness of the water as you start to brush your teeth.

    Become aware of the movements involved and how it feels on your teeth.

  • Just notice the things you are not usually aware of and experience them; no judgment or criticism, do the activity slowly and with purpose.

  • If thoughts of the day ahead or the day gone by do enter your mind, just allow them to pass by, notice them but don’t get caught up in them and return to the task in hand.

If you practice this each day, it will soon become part of your routine. This will help to develop mindfulness into other parts of your life too.

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