Psychodynamic Counselling

The psychodynamic approach is well suited to a wide variety of issues, having a focus on the ways we relate to each other. A good therapeutic relationship is considered important, so that clients feel in a safe enough space to be able to talk about difficult issues. It is not a directive approach, but rather one that encourages clients to explore their difficulties with the help of the therapist, working collaboratively together. This can be an empowering experience, as well as helpful for self esteem.

There is also a focus on how we relate to each other both in our current lives and in our ways of relating in the past. This makes it a good therapy for both individuals and for couples. Psychodynamic therapy is a 'talking cure,' as one of Sigmund Freud's patients called it. Putting things into words can help to untangle and make sense of them - part of the process of finding meaning in our lives.

From a psychodynamic perspective, it is believed that the past can still influence us in the present - perhaps outside our consciousness. We may also uncover subconscious conflicts within ourselves that are keeping us stuck in our present circumstances; or maybe causing issues in our relationships. This exploration may help us get in touch with the more creative parts of ourselves, clearing the way for broadening our perspective and seeing more possibilities for the future.

What kind of issues?

Psychodynamic counselling can be used for a broad range of issues including relationships, anxiety, depression, stress, anger, loss, identity, trauma and abuse. It can be helpful for both individuals and for couples seeking counselling.

How long will it take?

Both brief focused work and long term open-ended counselling can use a psychodynamic approach. The longer term work allows the opportunity of work at greater depth and on more complex issues.

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