Postnatal depression and past trauma

Childbirth is a physical trauma. It is not just your baby, but your own body goes through a tremendous amount of growth and changes in such a short time. 

Childbirth is also unpredictable by nature. It can change its course without warning and you may end up feeling powerless and out of control - often functioning as a catalyst for deep-seated psychological/emotional issues to suddenly surface. This is because childbirth forces you open physically, it also opens you up psychologically and emotionally - and many of you were not ready for this.

Although you giving birth may have been uneventful, difficult emotions from your childhood or your recent hardship may be brought up - emotions that you somehow managed until now by keeping to yourself. This could become too much for you to handle when they are paired with the new sets of responsibilities and pressure of being a mother.

Processing childhood trauma typically takes time. I recognise the effects of childhood trauma can be long lasting and often causing distress in many ways.

Psychological therapy can still help you feel better even if you do not feel ready to face your childhood trauma. You can feel lighter and gain some breathing space by firstly working on your current struggle to reduce the amount of stress and worry you may be experiencing.

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