Positive Thinking

Positive thinking can have a very powerful affect, it can bring inner peace, better health, improved relationships and happiness. Believe it or not, it is contagious. Other people pick up on your mood and their mood is affected. Here are some tips to help you to develop positive thoughts and in turn help to improve your life:

  • Use positive phrases, like ‘I can’ and ‘it is possible’
  • Try to ignore negative thoughts and consider meditation
  • Keep a record of things that have gone well for you.
  • Try to visualize positive outcomes
  • Try positive affirmations like ‘I am happy’ ‘I am healthy’ repeat them to yourself regularly during the day and before you to go sleep. Use up to 5 different affirmations each day.
  • Associate more with positive people and take time to play and relax.
  • Smile and watch how many people smile right back – it’s catching!
  • Adjust your posture by standing and sitting straight.
  • Engage in exercise, physical activity helps to develop a positive attitude
  • Watch programmes that make you happy, avoid distressing/sad programmes.

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