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Counselling therapy can really help one explore their troublesome issues, by unpacking them and examining their origins and then re-packing them so that they make more sense to the client.

The relationship between yourself as a client and your therapist is all-important and it is crucial that on meeting your therapist for the first time, that you are comfortable with that person, who should be demonstrating trustworthiness, empathy, non-judgmentalism and acceptance of what you bring to your sessions.

It is difficult to forecast what your counselling will be like for you, as it is a very individual experience, but working together with a trained, experienced, confident and empathetic counsellor will probably be one of the best decisions you have ever made.  

Why struggle on missing out on life because there are issues holding you back?

So what to expect at your first session... you will, of course, be asked questions, ranging from the usual name, contact details etc. to the more probing questions such as the reasons you are entering counselling and some of your background, family, relationships, work etc. This will all help the therapist to 'paint' a picture of your life in his or her mind, so that the therapist can assess what may be at the cause of your problems, thus being able to help you to unravel and see things more clearly. 

You should always be made to feel comfortable and relaxed with the counsellor and it's always great when a client leaves looking forward to the next session, which, if the atmosphere and attitude are right, you too will be eager to get started. 

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Ashford, Kent, TN23

Written by Sarah Davies

Ashford, Kent, TN23

Sarah Davies @Talkroom Counselling in Ashford, Kent and Canary Wharf

Sarah has been qualified since 2002 and has a wealth of experience of counselling in the voluntary sector, working with 16+ in further education and in private practice working with 13+.
Sarah is now expanding into the City as a 'brave, new adventure'!

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