Music as therapy

An echo of a sound soothes a soul. Music has the capacity to heal I’m sure. So how does this magnificent source do that? Let’s see or maybe hear.


Music transcends everything in this orbit. It’s a force greater than most. It’s a gift to our planet. In science, it’s unique in how it activates most of our brains. Lighting up segments of the brain that are still in question in terms of use. How about that? Pretty cool I’d say.

When a certain track plays the journey of the song from start to finish it's exactly that - a journey.

Travelling through the spheres of the song; visually, emotionally, physically and spiritually for some. The warmth inside. The trickle of a tear. The sight of the past. The message of the music. Wonderful in its wonder.

I heard a story I will never forget. I heard that when a person through tragic circumstances is in a coma in hospital with their loved ones by their side, and by the grace of God, when they awaken, the one thing they may remember of their time asleep is the music that played on the hospital radio. When I heard that story I then understood a little of the marvel of music.

If music has this power how can it help a person with for example depression? An extreme form could be a catatonic patient. Mute and locked internally the music plays. Internally the brain alight. Warmth possibly in the stomach. A foot tap maybe. A recollection of the past in the mind's eye. All from one song. For the catatonic patient that’s a lot. No word said but a lot to process. 

So if it causes so much variety for the severe, what about the mild? Listening to uplifting music raises mood. If angry, slower calming music may calm. That in itself is therapeutic as it signifies change. 

In my personal journey of recovery, music has been a constant. The very symbol of every stage. A track for each year. A genre for each decade. I wrote a poem about it a while back so I’m going to share it:


My Friend.
You never left me.
Always here.
By my side.
Through everything.
My rock.

In the shadows of life.
You held me.
With warmth.
Never abandoning me. 
In my life.

When on the uphill.
Inspiring my journey.
Like a gust of wind.
You carried me.
Raising my confidence.

When my heart, mind and emotion entwine.
Like a branch on a tree.
That’s when the spirit and power of music.
Hits me deeper than anything.
Thank you music.

You're still with me - forever with me love. 

When I wrote the above it was about my gratitude to this special tool available for some. If you relate to what I’ve written then I’m pleased it may help in some way. If you need to express your thoughts and feelings then I’m here for that too. If it’s not me, keep searching to find them. 

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Written by Warren Vinciguerra, BA (Hons) Registered MBACP
Guildford GU2 & Chertsey KT16

After decades of engaging in my own personal therapy and also practicing therapy as a therapist, I have gained wisdom and foresight in my counselling philosophy. The honour and privilege of working at some of the UK’s leading private treatment centers has enabled me to grow into an effective therapist. Researching new therapy methods is my forte.

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