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Meditation - a part of the concept of mindfulness

Meditation is a part of the concept of mindfulness. Being present and moving from reaction to reflection. 

People have trouble meditating because we are so programmed to structure our thinking through various routines, it is difficult to try something unstructured which feels empty. 

For e.g, if your day is filled with activities it makes you feel you have achieved something - jobs are ticked and done. In this case, meditation becomes another activity to be ticked.

The Mind is very hardworking - constantly taking in and processing stimuli from the environment. Meditation is the only way you can rest it, besides sleep of course. Even in sleep, the Mind processes difficult emotions which can result in dreams.

Meditation is an unstructured space. An unstructured space is prone to get cluttered up - a bit like the garden shed. Unwanted thoughts, judgments, musings.....these create anxiety and the person finds meditating difficult. If you find yourself forcing a calmness, it is counterproductive. You ought not to be forcing a calm.

The best method is to let thoughts pass by, without judging them. You are only an observer. You do not have to act on them. You know 'this is my thought' but you don't react. These thoughts might be alarming, disgusting, upsetting...triggering action...it does not matter. They must pass by like an assembly line - where you watch them but don't exercise restraint or anything to change them. After some time, gaps will occur. Like the glimpse of sky between clouds. These gaps are restful, the result of lack of judgment. It is the free space in which you will feel liberated. Savour the gaps. Enjoy them. They will pass and other thoughts will come - things to do, jobs to get back to.

It is alright now to go back. You have meditated. You will not have to force yourself to make meditation a part of your routine anymore. You can do it anytime, anywhere. It will be an enjoyable restful activity.

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Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK8

Written by Smita Rajput Kamble

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK8

I am a psychoanalytic psychotherapist practising in Milton Keynes for 20 years. I offer both-short term and open ended psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Psychotherapy varies with time and frequency. A long therapy can be stabilising and offer depth and emotional intimacy. But sometimes, short term work&...

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