Intuitive Psychotherapy

What does it mean ? The training, practice and rigour of psychotherapy without its conceptual limitations. People now, it seems to me, are not just looking for analysis or even empathy, vital as that is, but for answers, for real healing with expansion and new possibility, and for ways forward out of old/karmic patterns. Otherwise (Ram Dass was right) it’s just ‘moving around the furniture’. We don’t have the time.

‘You can’t solve a problem at the level of the problem’, as a teacher of mine (Bob Moore) once said. At a critical time in my own life, I found myself getting the most help not through therapy but mediumship, and that set me wondering about how much I’d integrated my own intuitive abilities alongside the channel of my poetry and healing. I now draw on all these resources in the way I work, with 20 years experience since I first came into private practice during an extended study of alchemy. Alchemy gave me a deep understanding of (and respect for) process, and the initiations of our lives that take place at the soul level beneath the ego/personality

Key to my one-to-one work is finding what it is that really needs healing. It’s become fashionable to dismiss the past in favour of the Now/the moment; but healing involves the past’s release, and biography is a sacred business, our soul’s journey in the Book of Life. Find the core wound and you can create as deep a healing where pain can become all that’s potent and purposeful…if we can stay with it. At the same time, the psyche, our imagination, is a genius in all of us…a bridge to spirit and a knowledge that is intrinsically healing; and as we connect and release emotionally as we need to, allowing ourselves to really be authentic (perhaps for the first time), we can literally start to see our lives again and make new choices and decisions as the creators and ‘birthers’ we are.

I’ve also had a long term interest in couples, and what it means for us to make the shift from loving the other as an extension of ourselves to really embracing difference and learning to communicate. It’s amazing how many couples don’t really listen to each other, but instead are hearing their own thoughts (and judgements) about each other. Intimate relationship is—as Rudolf Steiner predicted—the place of initiation in our time. My second non-fiction book Crucible of Love—the alchemy of passionate relationships (O Books, 2005: soon to be re-issued) was a vision for this.

As well as working one-to-one and with couples (short and long term), I also run on-going groups in poetry, men’s work and what I call ‘Soul Talk’—a space where people can meet and share things they don’t normally get to say, and in new ways…more directly from our feelings and imaginations than our heads. Please check my website for more on all this and dates…as well as my available literature ( As Goethe said ‘Whatever you do, or dream you can do, begin it now’. For us now, that is the call to healing at this transitional time with its unique opportunity for psychic and spiritual expansion through the release of the past. I am here to help you with that.

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