Identity theft

Imagine if your bank was to contact you and inform you that your identity had been stolen, you might be worried and feel angry with the bank and blame them, "Poor security, didn't do their job properly!". Imagine then if your identity was stolen at birth. Your Parents shaped and moulded you into what they wanted, and as you grew towards becoming an adult the tension between the true identity and the false created identity becomes too much.

How would you feel if you started to realise you didn't know who you are any more! Imagine hearing conversations and thinking, is that me they are talking about? Am I going mad, and am I mad to think these thoughts?

This glimpse into the world of addiction where these and other thoughts get a voice, a realisation that the coping mechanism no longer works, the drugs and alcohol and other forms of self-harm no longer block out shame and guilt, or past hurts.

Talking to a counsellor allows you to be able to talk through and validate who you are and who you want to be without being judged or advised, allowing the true you too flourish.

There is some thing else to end on and the most important, your childhood and what happened in it are not your fault.

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