How do you know if counselling will help?

People often come for counselling after longer periods of stress and anxiety, with a list of issues that have got too much to manage alone. Why wait so long? Why suffer unnecessarily when counselling - talking it through with a professional - could get you back on track quickly?

Counselling sessions don't have to be year on year, for months on end and a costly undertaking! Some people just go two or three times, or reduce from say four weekly sessions initially to three fortnightly and then monthly for one or two appointments - until they feel confident being able to better understanding and manage what worried them for years before! Each person varies - some for just four weeks, some for two months, some for six months with four weekly appointments. It depends on you and your needs.

Counselling will always help - it will always take you one step further in progress towards feeling happier and healthier. You will recognise something, understand the underlying issue that creates your anxieties or find the 'aha' moment that resolves the anxieties away!

Rather than wait for months or years of stress, worry, distractions for the family - why not find someone you can talk things over with, someone who isn't so close they might feel hurt or worried about you, who might have their own ideas on what's best for you when what you need is to know how you feel and what you think would be best for you! Counselling helps you find that by reflecting on what you're thinking and feeling, behaviours, values and beliefs that you've developed over time; it can help you clarify what is best for you and what you would be better letting go of. 

So don't leave it too long. You already know what you are feeling - and if that's uncertainty, anxiety, stress or depression, find the right person to talk to and find your solutions now. Start today. Having options feels good, having power to choose brings confidence and taking steps towards "a better personal future" lightens your load and can lead to contentment at last. 

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All therapists are verified professionals