Healing the Energy 'Feeled'

Emotional Release Therapy

At present, most therapies use processes involved in challenging and changing our thoughts in regards to addictive or compulsive behaviours. This is very beneficial as a way of managing disturbing thoughts.

However, to really make a difference to our addictive mind, we need to get in touch directly with the emotions. It is this level that holds the key to either a   life of panic, anxiety and control or to a life of peace, joy and freedom. 

Combining hypnotherapy with visualisation and counselling, Emotional release therapy is a unique way of connecting with and clearing the attachments we have at the energetic level of emotions.

We are all bound by invisible cords, things that bind us and block us and keep us from who we really are. These ties come from childhood, from family environment, culture, race, fears or reactions to events.

Having been on a journey, a life where emotions and fears are in control, it is my desire to share with others the tools and techniques that have assisted me to move beyond all self-doubt, self-limitations and corresponding behaviours.

In acknowledging the fear within, we begin to see the circumstances that we have created in our lives and in so doing we are able to take back the control we feel that others have. We own our innate sense of power, and we are free.

As you let go you no longer need to play the role of victim, of survivor, of useless or not good enough. As you let go, you no longer choose to stand in the shadows of others. For you are truly in your own space where you stand free of others judgements, criticisms, acceptance or approval. You are truly who you were meant to be. Free…

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