Finding Your Voice

Inside us all is a pure voice telling us which way to go and what is right for us.

From our first sounds and noises most of us spoke uncensored and free to explore with our voices, until adults tell us we shouldn’t;  we should do this and that instead.

So to please our parents, teachers and others around us we stop listening to our own internal voice and responded to what gets praise or attention.

This can work for a while, but then we grow up and then what happens, we feel lost and anxious, so we run round desperately finding other so called more important people to listen to, from government officials to intimate relationships; keen to please and fascinated by their words.

Until eventually we grind to a halt and we wake up depressed and say ‘What about me, who am I and what do I want???’

"Listen to your soul; you are the greatest expert on your life"

So STOP what you are doing and BREATHE. Focus on that breath, focus on who is breathing that breath: yes it is you – say hello to you. Be sociable, when was the last time you stopped and listened to you.

Good communication is essential in any relationship and the one that starts with you is the most important one.

Keep breathing, now listen, with no distractions, what do you notice?

What do you want to say, now open your mouth and say it, don’t stop it, restrict it or feel foolish – that’s just the ghosts of those adults telling should and ought’s again.

Let it keep talking until it slows down. Weird experience I know, but you have now taken the first step on finding your voice, now it just takes practice.

Listen to your soul; you are the greatest expert on your life

This is your life and you are the one that needs to choose and that takes LISTENING and SELF PERMISSION to give yourself free rein to speak, uncensored and free to explore.

You are connected to everything. Your inner voice is connected to the source and you are this incredible spiritual being with all the potential in the world, but until now I wonder how much you have listened to you, or have you been listening to the fears and criticisms of those who believe they know better about your life?

When you start listening to yourself, you start to accept and love yourself. Loving yourself helps you to accept and love others for being themselves not what you think they should be. 

The result being simply happiness; something we strive for from cradle to grave.

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