Feeding Your Demons: process designed by Tsultrim Allione

In the practice of ‘Feeding Your Demons’ negative emotions, fears, illness and self defeating patterns are befriended and transformed. It is a process carefully designed by Tsultrim Allione, Buddhist teacher and author of ‘Women of Wisdom’. The method combines ancient eastern wisdom with western psychology and involves turning towards our ‘demons’ (the disowned or shadow parts of ourselves) with compassion and nurturing rather than fighting them.

There exists a view that we must ‘get rid’ of the parts of ourselves we don’t like. The result of this can be repressed emotions that come out elsewhere. Maybe in blame and anger, or fear and depression, and ultimately if still unacknowledged the emotion will come out in the body. So the more we try to push something away the stronger it becomes. In ‘feeding your demons’ the energy caught up in inner conflict is released and transformed, and becomes available to us as a resource. 

This approach is for anyone who wants to work deeply with their own ‘demons’.

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